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The 4 scariest K-pop idol stalkers

K-pop stars live a life of fame and glory, supported by thousands of fans. However, there is a dark side to their popularity. Stalkers turn their daily lives into nightmares by invading their privacy and personal lives. In many cases, even the idols' lives can be in danger. Below, you'll find bands like BTS and EXO in our list of the 4 scariest stories of stalker fans.

  • Obsessive stalkers of Korean celebrities are usually called 'sasaeng' fans.
  • Sasaengs engage in criminal activity to gain a little attention from their favorite celebrity.
  • They expose and repeatedly call idols' phone numbers, steal personal belongings, threaten idols' families, camp outside their homes, and more.

1. EXO's attempted kidnapping

EXO members after a performance

The band has had many run-ins with stalkers. Once, sasaengs broke into EXO's hotel rooms to plant microphones and spy cams. Another time, female stalkers shaved their heads to enter the men’s bathrooms when the idols were inside.

EXO 'Tempo' Concept Photo

But the scariest time was when EXO was almost kidnapped. Back when they were still a newer band, the members were on a work schedule. After they were done, they left the building they were at and headed to their van.

The hand holding a rose behind the clueless members is one of the stalkers

However, that van was not theirs. Stalkers had rented another van that was almost identical to EXO’s and parked the fake van where their van was usually parked. The members didn’t realize anything was wrong, so they almost got in. Thankfully, their manager thought something felt odd, and he stopped them from getting in the van.

2. TWICE member Nayeon’s German stalker

TWICE members

Girl band TWICE has also dealt with many stalkers. The worst is member Nayeon’s stalker, a German man named Josh. This man claims that he is not a fan and that he fell in love with Nayeon "romantically" when he saw her on social media in 2016.

Nayeon performing on stage

Josh became obsessed. In 2019, he visited Korea to try to meet her. He left his contact information and letters at photo studios and stores Nayeon and other members visited. The stalker found her old home and came to JYP Entertainment (TWICE's management company) multiple times to leave a gift for her that the company staff never accepted.

A screenshot from one of the stalker's many video messages

When TWICE fans interacted with him, he declared that he would kill Nayeon if he ever found out she was dating someone. Josh also managed to board the same flight as the girl band once. Mid-flight, he approached the sleeping band members. When the idols’ management tried to stop him, Josh caused a commotion. JYP Entertainment has taken legal action against him, but fans are still afraid for Nayeon's safety.

3. Taeyeon from Girls' Generation almost abducted from stage

Taeyeon's 'Fine' Concept photo

Like EXO, popular singer Taeyeon was also the victim of a kidnapping attempt. The kidnapper, a college student, tried to take her with him right from the stage in the middle of a performance.

Girls' Generation sub-unit Oh!GG in 2018

In April 2011, Girls’ Generation was performing at Lotte World Ice Rink. During their song ‘Run Devil Run’, the man burst onto the stage, grabbed Taeyeon’s arm and began to drag her away. Luckily, fellow band member Sunny and comedian Oh Jung Tae, who was hosting the event, managed to free her.

The stalker pulling a terrified Taeyeon

Fans are still angry over this incident because justice was never served. The sasaeng was let off with no charges filed against him because he was deemed only a “passionate fan”. Instead, the man was sent home to reflect on his “wrongful actions”.

4. BTS chased down the streets

BTS 'Butter' group photo

The hottest boy band in the world is also not safe from sasaengs and stalkers. Many times, they have been ambushed and mobbed at airports. The worst incident was in 2016 when BTS was chased in the streets of Sweden by some girls.

BTS members during a concert

At that time, BTS was filming the reality show Bon Voyage. They stopped to eat at a cafe. Soon, the members noticed a group of girls lurking outside, watching them. According to some reports, there were around 20 girls. A staff member asked them to leave. They disappeared and BTS and their staff thought they had left.

One of the stalkers running after members who got separated

However, they were wrong. As soon as the band exited the cafe, the girls reappeared and started chasing them. In the rush, the members got separated and V got lost in the city. The stalkers tore the shirts of Jin and Jungkook while trying to grab them. Reportedly, Suga and RM were chased to a mall and the stalkers even tried to peek into a changing room while RM was changing inside. Fans were very angry at this terrible behavior by sasaengs. Later, actual Swedish BTS fans posted an apology video on YouTube.


EXO performing at the 2018 Winter Olympics held in South Korea

These stalkers cross the line too many times. Idols are scarred for a long time by these disturbing events.
Which one of these stories did you think was the most frightening? If you enjoyed this article, you'll like this video too:

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