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The 4 most iconic K-pop moments of the year!

As we are getting deeper into 2021, we are so glad that 2020 is finally over! While it was a difficult year for all, K-pop sure made it easy for us. The Korean pop music made its mark in the entertainment industry with over 99 million fans worldwide. Can you believe it? Scroll down to relive all the ideal moments of K-pop from last year!

1) Lisa's crab dance

Blackpink's Lisa laughing adorably!

Can you do a hilarious dance form with a poker face? Blackpink's Lisa can!  The queen's humor definitely surpasses her amazing vocals and impeccable sense of style.

Lisa's hilarious crab dance!

Her Thai crab dance became so popular amongst her fans that several Tiktok videos surfaced from it. Did you guys try it? I'm sure it will cheer you guys up and you won't be able to hold your laughter.

Check out the video here!


BTS performing at the Gammys 2020 with Lil Nas X!

The Bangtan boys were the stars of 2020 Grammys! BTS made history performing at the award show for the first time with Lil Nas X. Thanks to RM's collaboration with the US star, 'Seoul town road' stayed on the US Billborad for 16 weeks as number 1.

It was so sweet of all the BTS members to join their leader for the performance. Big shoutout to the Rap MonsterCheck out the video here!

3) Blackpink X Selena Gomez collaboration

Selena Gomez and the Blackpink divas for their song- Ice Cream!

Without a doubt, the best K-pop collab of 2020!  Don't you agree? Ice Cream became so loved by the fans that it earned 79.08 million views on Youtube within the first 24 hours of its release.

This collaboration made last year all about K-pop! Have you heard their amazing track? If not, check out their song here!



What better way to  make a song successful than making BTS a part of it? The Bangtan boys added charm to Jason's 'Savage Love'. The song drew 16 millions US streams and made it to number 1 on the US Billboard's top 100.

Quite a big achievement for the Korean pop! Listen to their amazing song here!

Extra: Jimin's Filter performance

Jimin performing live on his song- Filter!

Does your heart skip a beat when they see Park Jimin? I know mine does, especially when he's in that wild avatar. His song- Filter finally came to perfection after his energetic performance during BTS’s MOTS ON:E online concert

Chim Chim's seductive voice matched perfectly with the blood-red color of his suit. Jimin without a doubt, is one of the best K-pop idols of all times. Leave a comment below if you agree!

Check out his amazing performance here!

K-pop has truly become a global phenomenon, thanks to its slick melodies and amazing production values. Do you like K-pop music? Let us know in the comments below! 

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