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The 4 characteristics of a true BTS fan

All seven members of BTS are remarkable performers. They are multi-talented. Each member can dance, sing, and model. All of them are fun-loving and kind, specially to their fans. Are you an admirer of BTS or a true super-fan deserving of being called an ARMY? Read below to find out!   

  • BTS fans are called ARMY and BTS cares about them a lot. 
  • The Army is so loyal they have been called the most hardworking fans in the K-Pop and music industry. 
  • Some people pretend to be true fans and only care about one member of the band. 
  • True fans love all seven members but might have a bias towards one member. 

1) A true fan knows the secrets behind each of the seven members of BTS

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Each member of BTS has worked really hard to achieve the fame and fortune they have today. They are all unique with their different personalities. Kim Taehyung is bubbly and playful. Jungkook is charming and passionate. RM is really bright and humble. It would be hard not to love them all, but fans do have biases and some idols are hated! 

2) A true fan is not a 'solo stan'

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These fans focus on only one of the members and ignores the lovable qualities of the rest. It is okay to like one member more than the others. Maybe you like hanging out with bubbly and extroverted people like V. Perhaps Jungkook's smile makes you feel more butterflies inside. It is okay to have preferences, but don't forget that the rest of the members are also equally deserving of your attention. After all, the seven of them love each other very much, so why wouldn't we?   

3) A true fan appreciates BTS' hard work

BTS members posing together sweetly.

A true BTS fan will notice the effort they put into each performance. The band practices for hours to make sure they give their fans their best performance. All seven of these adorable guys go through hectic schedules day after day. Try not to complain, and put yourself in their shoes for a while! Also, try to have positive and funny reactions like our editor when he first saw the music video of their new song 'Butter'.


4) A true fan acknowledges everyone who helped BTS

BTS members wearing cozy clothes.

A true fan will appreciate everyone who put effort into helping BTS shine. That includes all of BTS' choreographers, stylists, and make-up artists. Even the cleaners at their studio deserve appreciation for supporting in their incredible journey. These are just some qualities of a true BTS fan. What else do you think an ARMY should do? Have you heard about the 8th member of BTS? If you haven't, watch this video to find out!

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