Junkook and Jimin hugging and smiling Junkook and Jimin hugging and smiling

The 4 K-pop friendships goals of 2021

Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing your favorite idols close, supporting and caring towards one another. We have to warn you, you might get a toothache from the sweetness you’re about to experience in this article!

  • BTS members share their special bond with one another, they live and work together 24/7. 
  • Jennie and Lisa have a nickname Blinks invented, 'JenLisa'.
  • Felix and Bangchan are both from Australia and are able to understand each other very well.

1) Bangchan and Felix

Bangchan hugs Felix as he makes cute hearts with his hands.

The Aussie Line of stray kids, Bangchan and Felix, make for a hilarious duo. Every time they are together, there are shenanigans, chaos, yet at the same time, brotherly love. Here’s a video showing how much the two care for each other and look out for each other.

2) Jennie and Lisa

JenLisa posing for a photoshoot together

The two rappers of Blackpink share a strong bond, which isn’t different from that shared between sisters. Here’s a peek at how much Jennie appreciates Lisa. If that’s not true friendship, what is?

3) Junkook and Jimin

Junkook and Jimin smiling

This duo is iconic. Jimin and Junkook’s unique fashion choices, their powerful synchronized moves on stage, their cute friendship prove that friends who slay together, stay together. Jungkook was asked who he finds the easiest to talk to among other BTS members, and he answered Jimin, explaining he is sweet and buys him food. 

4) Chareyong and Lia 


Chareyong and Lia posing for a selfie together

Chareyeong and Lia’s friendship is an excellent example of how pure and meaningful relationships of this kind can be between idols. The two debuted in ITZY together, made history with their single “Dalla Dalla” at a very young age, and overcame many obstacles. However, Charyeong once mentioned that she doesn’t think she’s as beautiful as other group members. In this heartfelt moment in a popular TV show, 'Weekly idol,' Lia talks about how much Chareyoeng means to her.

Any more cute idol friendships in your mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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