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The 3 worst punishments BTS had to go through

They can't complain because they signed up for this! The boys from BTS have received many punishments for failing games within. Their variety show is an incredible source of entertainment for fans. However, the fear of punishment takes all the fun out of it for the members. Are you curious to find how ruthless their staff was with the penalties? We've prepared a list of the top 3 torturous punishments below. Just scroll down!

  • The $100 million net worth boy band has their own variety show with over 100 episodes called RUN BTS. It is filled with entertainment that will give you a bellyache from laughing too hard.
  •  BTS might be victorious worldwide, but there has to be a loser in the games they play on RUN episodes.
  • The 7 members have an inseparable bond, but not in RUN. They will fight and break their bond of years over a gift voucher. 

1.  When Jin had to wear a Hanbok to the airport

Jin appearing in a Hanbok at the airport

BTS was once asked, 'what was the biggest challenge for them?' by TXT as advice, and they said 'beware of the punishments.' When it comes to RUN, Big Hit spares no room for mercy. After losing another game in one of the RUN episodes, Jin had no option but to abide by the rules.

BTS collectively decided that the loser will have to wear a 'Hanbok', a traditional Korean dress, at the airport. To our surprise, Jin confidentially pulled the punishment. If his beautiful face wasn't enough for the spotlight, he made headlines with the hanbok. If there's anyone who can look good while serving this penalty, it's Jin.

2. When RM had to dress up as Sailor Moon

RM dressed as Sailor Moon

Rookie BTS was a different kind of chaos. The Bangtan Boys often dressed up as girls to serve the punishment. We have seen Jin in a dress on the treadmill, V in a midi dress as a fairy, and Suga as a waitress.

The sight of Namjoon dressed as the popular Japanese anime character 'Sailor Moon' needs special mention. He even wore a wig to complete the look. We feel bad for RM; he had no choice. What do you think of this muscular cosplay? Check out the member's reaction and the story behind it here

3. When V had to drink the garlic juice 

V, J-Hope, and Jin had to drink garlic juice on another unfortunate episode. This punishment has to be the most wicked one that the staff of RUN created. However, there's a twist. V went first; he tried to make it look like a commercial and drank the garlic juice pleasantly but immediately regretted it.

While J-Hope and Jin were waiting for their turn, the staff told them that they would be moving on without giving them any punishment because they were short of time. Of course, Jin and J-Hope rejoiced at this revelation, but poor Taehyung went through a crisis.

He took the punishment alone, which made it much worse than doing it with his friends. We can all relate; getting punished together with our friends is not really a punishment when we suffer together. Check out the episode here.

In conclusion, RUN BTS' staff is evil! Which one do you think was the most torturous? We think Taehyung went through the most painful punishment ever. Although, the others went through a lot of humility too. 
Check out this fan compilation of these punishments below!

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