3 unsolved mysteries of BTS no one can figure out!

The members of the K-pop band are just so mysterious! From hiding their hair colors to camouflaging the whole behind-the-scene stories, these boys seem to hide so much. Sometimes, these secrets get revealed however, most of them haven't been unveiled yet. Take a look at the video below!  

  • They have a strong bond with their fans, but they still have numerous secret facts.
  • Though they sometimes spoil their music and schedules by mistake, but their mysteries like the 'Ayo release' have not been solved yet.

1.12th Track from LOVE YOURSELF: Tear


Yes, you read it right! LOVE YOURSELF: Tear was supposed to have 12 songs instead of 11, but we couldn't get it. RM, the band leader shared this secret story with the fans in a live broadcast. The way he shares the secrets with us just warms our hearts!

Let me tell you one behind-the-scene story. It was actually 12 tracks. If you see the screenshot of the playlist that I posted on, it’s supposed to be 12. For one track, we worked with my favorite artists, and this track was supposed to be the finishing stroke on this album.

BTS posing for the camera

Oh no, we already believe that this track would have been the best. He continued,

But due to some reasons of the artists, it was postponed. That was actually my favorite song on the album. The song that is not on the album is actually my favorite. It’s sad that I couldn’t have it on the album… Anyways, there’s that song and I hope that it will be in our next album. I loved the song. Although we finished recording, it’s not on this album. So it was supposed to be a 12 track album, not eleven. Let me tell you that much.

RM smiling at the camera

You must be wondering what the issues with other artists would have been. Well, nobody knows that. So let's just respect the fact that he trusted the fans and shared this bit of the story. We wish that we can hear the song soon!

2. Jungkook's crush name:

BTS Jungkook smiling at the camera

The band visited the US back in 2017 after their DNA comeback. They were asked about their Hollywood crush in one of the interviews there. All the members took the names, but the youngest one played safely. He said,

I know her face, but I don't know her name!

Well, okay Jungkook, we trust you.

Jungkook's bunny smile

But obviously, the host couldn't let him go away with it. So he proceeded to ask for the movie name he saw her in? After thinking for a good moment he playfully replied,

I know the movie, but I don't know the movie name!

OMG, how he is so funny? Just like us, the host and the members laughed out loudly. To date, we still couldn't get the name *chuckles*. But good one Mr. Jungkook!

3. Jimin's quick costume change in Filter:

BTS Jimin seductively looking at the camera

BTS held their online concert, MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E back in October 2020. Like all the members, Jimin performed on his solo song 'Filter' from the album Map of the Soul:7. We all anticipated this performance, and it was beyond our expectations.

Jimin's mesmerizing dance performance

But his dance moves were not the only ones to surprise us! His quick costume change in the middle of the performance shook us more. Yes, he changed his complete costume in a couple of seconds and still mesmerized us with his smooth dance moves. He didn't even miss a beat. But boy, how did he do that? Feels unreal!

Which mystery do you find the most shocking? Do you know any other mysterious fact about BTS? Comment it below, and we will add it in the article.

We are desperately waiting for the band to answer these mysteries. Are you waiting too? Check out the moments where the band solved some of their long-held mysteries!

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