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3 surprising and unknown skills of Blackpink's Rosé

The K-pop singer can dance, sing and speaks several languages. What else can she do? Read more below to find out! 

  • Her real name is Park Chae-Young. 
  • She has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021.
  • The 5'6" tall singer studied in one of the best schools in Melbourne, from where she learned amazing skills like how to play piano and guitar.

1) She is a professional cheerleader!

The lead vocalist of Blackpink, Rose.

Rose was a great cheerleader back in high school. As a K-pop member, she does her best dance moves to make Blackpink's music videos enjoyable to watch. For that reason, she follows the awesome workout routine that helps her to do any dance step flexibly.

2) She is extremely flexible!

The lead vocalist of Blackpink, Rose.

At the Knowing Bros, a Korean variety show, the K-pop diva shocked everyone when she rotated her hand to 360 degrees. Rose does it so smoothly that it's hard to believe. I think her flexibility is incredible. Watch the video here.

3) She can play several instruments!

The lead vocalist of Blackpink, Rose.

She can play any musical instrument for a straight 13 minutes. Rose loves to play guitar and piano since childhood. I just love how she never stops smiling while playing instruments. It's really difficult to play any musical instrument for a long time with the same energy.  Is she the perfect K-pop artist or what?

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