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The 3 step healthy routine Blackpink's Jennie

Blackpink's singers have amazing figures. What is their secret? Jennie and the rest of the girls amaze everyone with their talent, beauty and fitness figures on every performance and magazine covers. If you want to follow their steps, watch their secret below!

  • Jennie is usually the healthiest member of Blackpink and never had any weight issues.
  • She maintains herself between 105-109 lbs.
  • Salt is forbidden in all of her three daily mails.  
  • The star also follows a regular workout routine that involves dancing, flying yoga and Pilates.

1) 3 meals per day

Blackpink members enjoying a meal

Many diets promise weight loss by literally not eating. All the members, including Jennie, eat well. This includes 3 proper meals a day, with healthy snacks like dried fruits and nuts. Since she works out a lot, Jennie doesn't put restrictions on her food on regular days.

2) No salt diet

Jennie at a fan meeting event

During tours, she goes on a 'no-salt' diet. Salt is an essential part of most meals, but Jennie has good self-control. In an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, she revealed:

“Even when other Blackpink members are eating something delicious, I just eat porridge since I’m on a no-salt diet.”

She also added that she tends to swell when she eats salty food. That motivated her to try this salt-less approach. Her meals usually include avocado salad for lunch and oatmeal and detox juice for dinner. 

3) Workout: dancing, flying yoga and Pilates.

Jennie during her Pilates routine

Working out is the key on Jennie staying fit and healthy. Blackpink's dance practice sessions take place almost daily and last at least two hours. Members burn a lot of calories during these sessions. Jennie also regularly does Pilates and flying yoga. Flying yoga is an aerial version of yoga that is performed on silk sheets and straps. It enhances core strength, increases flexibility, and more. Pilates is also a great workout routine that helps you achieve a good body structure and strengthens the core and lower body. It also helps tone individual body parts.

Jennie during a performance

Would you try out Jennie's diet and workout routine? Let us know in the comments! Also, check out this video before you go:

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