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The 3 songs that prove RM is the best Korean rapper

Hey, you. Listen to me. Yes, you. Korean rappers are on fire! Are you ready to have your mind blown away? The genius leader of BTS has been acknowledged as the best rapper many times! Listed are some of his mind-blowing songs that show his skills and make him better than everyone else!

  • RM is the leader of South Korea’s biggest boy band. 
  • He is the first member hired by Big Hit for BTS!
  • To this date, he produced over 160 songs!


BTS has the best dancers and singers in the industry, so it is only right that the best rapper is their leader! Here are some of RM’s best works!

1. Do You

RM first mixtape poster

RM's original name was 'Rap Monster' for a reason! With a strong and savage rap, RM made fans go crazy! His first mixtape released in 2015 had strong beats and fast rapping that proved his skills! 

RM in 2015 with first mixtape

With a black and white aesthetic, even the music video is a joy to watch! Be careful though, the lyrics are savage beyond belief! 

2. Joke

RM in turtleneck in black and white 

If you need any proof of RM being a genius, look no further. The wordplay and beats of 'Joke' can only be written by someone like RM! The fast-paced song is a play on society in the form of rap!


BTS leader staring handsomely into camera

The song is a masterpiece and RM's deep voice just makes it better! I can't stop listening to the mind-blowing song! 


3. Seoul

RM aesthetic picture with sunflower

From the title itself you can guess that it is written by RM. He has spoken about how much he loves Seoul, and this song shows that. With haunting lyrics and a slow beat, this song is surely a masterpiece!

RM drinking coffee in Seoul

RM is surely the best rapper in the history of K-pop - if his wide range of songs is anything to go by! RM's music makes me fall more in love with him every day! What do you think about the beloved leader of BTS? Let us know in the comments below!

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