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The 3 secret messages in BTS 'Zero O'clock' animated video!

Have you ever wondered about why some music video clips are the way they do? BTS is here to cheer you up in the cutest possible way! The animated music video of the band's song 'Zero O'clock' has many secret messages for fans that you might have missed. Want to see what's in the music video? Watch the video below to find out!

  • Zero O'clock is a vocal line song from the album MOTS: 7. Although the song doesn't have a choreography, it is a danceable song.
  • The 7 members band is known for providing hidden messages through their music. BTS hinted at the album 'MOTS: 7'  and the songs 'Ego' and 'Shadow'.
  • TinyTAN are cute characters based on the Bangtan Boys' personalities. They were the ones featured in the animated music video below!

1. 'We find BTS when we need them the most.' 

Still from the music video

The music video features a young girl wanting to become a pianist. She has a tough life handling her dream and a part-time job. Just when she is exhausted, she finds BTS to cheer her up! The girl is representing BTS fans who met the boys when they needed them the most.

Army on Twitter claiming the music video represents their life

The Bangtan Boys found you when life was overwhelming, and you needed someone to comfort you. 

2. The significance of the whale

Whale flying above the girl

Did you know that appearance of a whale in a dream meant assurance? The music video portrays a sleeping Army who dreams about flying on the whale with BTS. They showed her as exhausted and lost but assured her that everything is or will be okay. The boys know how to play with our emotions. This has us bawling!

3. Leaving without waking her up

TinyTAN leaving towards the end of the video

This has a connection with the concert endings. Whenever it's time for them to leave, they tell fans to look at the moon whenever they miss BTS. The boys use fireworks to distract fans when they are separating. They don't want the fans to feel any pain when they are separated.

Similarly, TinyTAN leaves quietly while the girl in the music video dreams about them. 

 What do you think of this music video? We loved how the boys tried to cheer us up! Let us know in the comments.

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