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The 3 secret details in BTS' 'Butter' music video

Did you notice that the basketball shots in the music video of the song looked similar to 'Dynamite'? It shows that 'Butter' is a continuation of BTS' previous song, Dynamite. 'Butter' has so many hidden details in its video that one can easily miss them even on multiple plays. So, we have listed down all the secret points of the video including the floor number 'Butter' basketball court is at. Scroll down to check it out!

  • BTS released their second English language single, 'Butter' on May 21st, 2021.
  • The director shot Suga's rapping part of the song in a basket ball court because the rapper used to be an amazing basket ball player in his high school.
  • Butter music video showed the charisma of each member through their solo shots. 

1) Black and White Filter:

BTS in 'Butter' music video

The song starts off with strong bass beats and a black and white filter. Jungkook, the team's lead vocalist, opens the video with the lyrics, 'Smooth like Butter, like a criminal undercover'. The reference to the criminal in the lyrics is depicted in the video with members holding their name cards and standing against a wall with a height scale on it. This is similar to the walls which are used for measuring the heights of the criminals.

Also, the cards have the date of birth, name, and a 6-digit-number on them. These numbers are representing the IDs of the members just like the criminals have their IDs. However, this 6-digit ID has significance in it.

All the members planned these numbers based on the dates of special events in their lives. V, the band's singer has a 000001 written on the card which means victory or being number one. Similarly, Jungkook's ID number is the date he arrived Seoul while Jimin has the date of BTS' first concert as his ID. Both of these dates are extremely important for the members as they were the turning points in their lives. J-Hope also added his twist to it by having his pager number as the ID and RM's ID is his apartment number.
Seems like BTS loves to add secret meanings to their songs and videos!

2) Floor Number:

The floor numbers on elevator

In the middle of the video, V walks into the elevator and clicks at the floor number 'A'.

Right after that, he can be seen sitting in the baseball court with the members while Jin sings in the front. So the baseball court is on the A floor of the building.

But what is the significance of A? It means the ARMY, BTS' beloved fandom. So it is showing that V is going to the ARMY.

Not only this, they also paid tribute to their fans by forming 'ARMY' with their bodies. It's super adorable! ARMY's love for BTS is truly mutual!

3) AirplanesThe Airplane:

There is a great importance of Airplane in BTS' discography as the band has two songs on it, 'Airplane Pt. 1' and 'Airplane Pt. 2'. 

Airplane in BTS' Fire music video
Airplane in BTS' IDOL music video
Airplane in BTS' Dynamite music video
Airplane in BTS' Butter music video

Also, multiple music videos of the group, a flying airplane can be seen including Fire, Idol, and Dynamite. And now in Butter's video, a landed airplane can be seen behind the boys. This shows that the airplane that has been flying since the band's Fire era has landed now. 
It's unbelievable! The way they plan things from the very start is so impressive.

Which hidden detail were you able to spot? Let us know in the comments below and check out BTS' Butter!


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