BTS setting stage on fire

The 3 most shocking wardrobe malfunctions of BTS!

Just like most of the artists, the members of the K-pop band also couldn't remain safe from on-stage wardrobe disasters, that too in front of millions of people. But, they play smartly and do not let this affect their performance. Watch the video below to take a look at three moments where the members handled the situation with their professionalism!  

  • The members of the band are famous for their unmatched professionalism as the youngest member once fixed his entire mic setup during a tough choreography without anyone knowing.
  • Grammy Awards is the next dream stage for the band to perform on. 
  • K-pop band has more than 30 million followers on Twitter.

RM ripped Jungkook's shirt:

BTS on Grammys

The leader of the band, RM is known for his habit of breaking things like set props. He is even given the name of 'God of Destruction' because of his clumsiness. But during one of the band's performances, the Korean rapper took this habit to a whole next level.

Jungkook setting stage on fire

He mistakenly ripped Jungkook's shirt while doing the performance for their song 'Fake Love' on stage. Jungkook was wearing a black silk shirt and at one point RM had to shake him. But he ended up tearing the boy's shirt completely in front of a huge audience. We still remember how people went crazy over it and so did we! *Chuckles*

BTS performing on stage

Though it was a huge mistake, yet the members stayed calm and continued to mesmerize the audience with their striking moves. Also, Jungkook's ripped costume exposed his toned abs and added to the overall aura of the performance. Don't we all agree on this?

Jungkook's unzipped boot:

Jungkook looking at the fans

Seems like the youngest one is the target of on-stage wardrobe accidents! But we all know how professional he is and doesn't even miss a beat in such situations.

Okay, so back in October 2020, BTS held an online concert, MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, and performed a number of their songs. While performing their song, 'We Are Bulletproof: Pt.2', the singer's boot got unzipped. It must have been very difficult for him because the band's choreography usually involves exhausting footwork

Jungkook rocking his red hair

So what did he do? He waited for the moment where he could just bend down during a dance move. Then he quickly fixed it without letting many people know that what exactly happened.

BTS posing for the camera

This guy is just so amazing! He never lets anything affect the quality of his performance and surprises us with his powerful stage presence every single time.

Jin's zipper:

Jin-the worldwide handsome

This time it's not Jungkook but the eldest member of the group. Back in 2019, the band performed  'Mikrokosmos' and when they ended the performance, Jin noticed something. Yes, it was his zipper that went down. As he saw it, he tried to cover it with his shirt. But his reaction was very surprising. He did not get shocked rather he started laughing and told V about it. Well, we all know that Jin is the funniest, so he turns these embarrassing moments into a peal of big laughter!

Jin and V

Not only this, but V also contributed to making us laugh out loud. The second youngest proceeded to fix Jin's zipper in front of the whole audience. But obviously, Jin stopped him and they both laughed at how embarrassing yet funny it was.

Well, BTS is literally the best. Whether be it's their visuals, bond with the fans or their performances, these guys never fail to fascinate us. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below and take a look at some amazing moments where the members fixed on-stage fails and mistakes smartly!

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