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The 3 most hated male idols in K-pop!

In a world of fame and perfection, idols are under immense pressure to be flawless. Even the most mundane habits like dating or smoking can end big careers! K-pop contracts have strict rules, even livestreams are monitored by managers. Big stars like BTS' RM, Exo's main dancer Kai and idol-actor Astro's Cha Eunwoo are common targets of netizens. See your favorite K-pop boy in this list? Would you like to know why these men get so much hate? Watch the video below to find out!

  • RM is the leader of the world's biggest boy group called 'BTS'. He debuted as the main rapper under Big Hit Entertainment in 2014.
  • Kai is the main dancer of SM Entertainment's third-generation boy-band called 'EXO'. The star has a net worth of 8 million.
  • Cha Eunwoo is a highly talented idol-actor belonging to the K-pop group 'Astro'. His web drama called 'True Beauty' aired on December 9th, 2020.

1. RM from BTS

RM for Vogue Magazine

Ever since his debut in 2014, the star has received hate for his physical appearance. Isn't that sad? It's because his skin tone is not fair and his facial features differ from that of Korean beauty standards! Can you believe it? Haters all over the world call him 'ugly' and 'talentless'. Ah, that's very mean of them, don't you think?

The hate increased in 2015 when the rapper released his solo mixtape titled'RM'. This was due to the cover showing a picture of him doing 'blackface'. Click here to read more on it! This caused a huge wave of negative comments towards the star. Do you think he deserved it?

Ofcourse, many fans defended him blindly which did more harm than good in the long run. Fan culture has its ups and downs, but fans should know when to step back. Do you think what he did was wrong? Should he apologize for his actions?

2. Kai from EXO

Kai for a photoshoot

The main dancer of EXO was hated for simply having a love life! K-pop labels do not allow idols to date publicly. On March 31st, 2016 Kai was exposed by a Korean news outlet called 'Dispatch' for dating fellow labelmate Krystal Jung from the girl group'F(X)'.

This scandal caused an uproar amongst Korean fans, and they made petitions to kick him out of the group. Read more on it here! The idol was called a 'cheater' by his own fans! I believe idols should be allowed to have private love lives. K-pop labels should allow their idols to date!

How heartbreaking must have that been? How can an idol recover from that?

3. Cha Eunwoo from Astro

Cha Eunwoo teaser for Weibo

It is a common occurrence for idol-actors like Eunwoo to get hate when they debut in the acting industry. Most K-drama fans create rumors to tarnish the image of idol singers before they debut in dramas. Isn't that so cruel?

According to haters and Korean netizens, 'He (Eunwoo) is only famous because of pretty privilege'. There were harsh comments made for the 'All Night' singer for having a lack of talent when it comes to acting. I believe that to be untrue!

Debuting as an idol and being famous is not an easy job. It is a very hectic commitment, do you agree?


Korean fan culture has normalized hating idols all over social media. Many platforms are filled with trolls and haters that spread negativity. Celebrities deserve to pursue normal love lives and get fame for their hard work.

In my opinion, K-pop contracts are too controlling. K-pop idols should be treated like western celebrities. Dating also helps boost popularity and scandals! If only these labels could allow a little romantic freedom from their artists, it would be good for everyone. 

There have been suicides in the K-pop industry due to online bullying of stars such as F(x) Sulli, Shinee's Jonghyun and actress Goo Hara. It's just too vile! I think it's time K-pop labels should take action against cyberbullying. There should be strict laws to moderate online hate. What do you think should be done? Comment below!


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