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The 3 most funny and cute moments of Jisoo to brighten up your 2021

The K-Pop idol has a secret talent not many people are aware of: making everyone laugh. She isn't only talented when it comes to singing, she also has an incredible sense of humor. The singer could also be a stand-up comedian! Check out her 3 funniest moments, below.  

  • Jisoo, also known as Kim Ji-soo is a 26-years-old South Korean singer, songwriter, and actress. 
  • Kim debuted in 2016 as a member of Blackpink under YG Entertainment. 

1. 'I am broke'

Jisoo using her favorite phrase

We all have that one friend who is always complaining about not having enough money. Despite having an estimated net worth of $10 million, she’s always 'broke'. The funniest part is that Lisa taught her a phrase in Thai, “Mai mee tang ka” which literally means “I am broke.” Jisoo now often uses the phrase whenever she has to buy something, and it has become an inside joke between the singer and Blinks (Blackpink fandom). One of the most hilarious moments was in their show 24/365 BLACKPINK where Jisoo was pretending to be a buyer on her set while Lisa was the shopkeeper. Upon her inquiry of every product's price, Jisoo's ultimate answer would be the same, “Mai mee tang ka (I'm broke)"

2. Thinking about marrying her dog

Jisoo with Dalgom

Are you as protective about your dog as Jisoo? Well, once a fan came forward to ask the singer if she would like to marry her dog, Dalgom. She took her time to answer like pretending to taking consideration on the offer, everybody laughed,  but at the end she replied “No, he’s my son. No. Never." 

3. Testing her balance 

Jisoo balancing a juice bottle amidst an award show

The Blackpink singer doesn’t care whether she’s sitting in a live broadcast or a live concert,  she always finds place for humor. During the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards Jisoo tried to make a bottle flip without being noticed, but the cameras caught her. She immediatly started trending and the Blinks remember that episode until now. 

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