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The 3 most famous K-pop idols that aren't Korean!

Although K-Pop started in South Korea, not all singers were born there. The industry has become a global phenomenon and there are American, Australian, Chinese and even Indian singers! You will be surprised to discover some of your favorite idols from Blackpink, GOT7 and Twice! Check them out below!

  • Foreign artists are required to learn Korean, and Korean singers are being trained in English.
  • Blackpink's Lisa, Got7's Jackson, and Twice's Momo were born in other countries!
  • BTS started with the trend of singing in English to reach a more global audience with their songs 'Dynamite' and 'Butter'.
  • Blackpink followed with their collaboration with Selena Gomez of 'Ice Cream' 

1. Lisa Manoban

Lisa at Paris Men's Fashion Week. Source: Getty Images

Lalisa Manoban, known more popularly as Lisa is a member of K-pop band Blackpink. She was born and raised in Thailand.When YG Entertainment held auditions for trainees in Thailand, they instantly recognized her star qualities and selected her to be a trainee. The 24-year-old is actually the first foreign artist to debut under YG Entertainment!

2. Jackson Wang

Jackson for Got7's 7 Edition. Source: JYP Entertainment

Hong Kong national Jackson Wang is a rapper in K-pop boy band, Got7. It's no surprise why the 26-year-old is immensely popular in both China and Korea, his charming personality speaks for itself!

He auditioned for JYP Entertainment after being invited when a company representative spotted him in a basketball game.

3. Momo

Momo during the shoot for Dance The Night Away. Source: JYP Entertainment

Momo Hirai is a Japanese singer and member of the girl group Twice. She was asked to audition by JYP Entertainment after seeing her in an online video. After participating in the JYP competition show 'Sixteen', she became an official part of Twice.

Despite not being a Korean national, she's one of the most famous Korean idols in the country! The singer is currently dating Kim Heechul from Super Junior.

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