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The 3 most embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions in K-pop!

Just like Hollywood stars, K-pop idols suffer wardrobe malfunctions. From accidentally tearing their outfits to female idols' dresses getting slipped, they face it all in front of millions of people. For example, RM from BTS once tore apart his shirt during a live performance. Want to know about these incidents? Scroll down!

  • South Korea has a conservative society and the elderly at large condemn revealing clothing.
  • A K-pop girl group named 'Naked Girls' got banned due to their revealing clothing and explicit content.
  • Due to their professionalism, idols continue their performance despite the stage or dress fails like when K-pop singer, PPL's Im So Ah's skirt fell off, and she continued her show.

K-pop idols have to do insanely difficult dances on stage while wearing heavy and risky outfits. Some female idols have to wear very short dresses such as Lisa from Blackpink, who revealed being uncomfortable while performing.

Idols try not to disappoint the fans and handle such situations smartly. Let's take a look at how idols faced wardrobe malfunctions on stage!

3. When CL showed her underwear:

The famous K-pop singer, CL, did a collaborative stage performance with Snoop Dogg along with her bandmates from 2Ne1's in 2013. She was wearing a very short crop top for the stage that kept rising up and exposed her bra on stage. It sparked controversy in South Korea as the media started calling it 'provocative'.  It took some time until the situation was cleared and CL continued to perform, but chose different outfits for her shows.

2. When RM from BTS ripped his shirt:

RM in a beautiful white gown

Back in 2015, BTS performed Dope at Show! Music Core. In the middle of the performance, they had to rip off their black uniform shirts to reveal their white tank tops underneath them. However, RM accidentally tore both of his shirts completely. He got really confused because he had nothing to cover his bare chest.

In order to continue the performance, he used the torn piece of the shirt to cover his upper body. Since BTS was a young group at that time, RM couldn't figure out how to proceed and appeared quite flustered, but he continued the performance. Due to his professionalism, he was highly appreciated by the fans and the media!

1. When Taemin from 'Shinee' ripped his pants:

Taemin performing on stage

While promoting their new song 'Sherlock' back in 2012, Shinee performed at the KBS' year-end award shows. The youngest member, Taemin, wore a light multicolored suit for the stage.

During the performance, he had to do a difficult dance move and his pants broke between the legs. Unfortunately, it was quite noticeable since he was wearing black underwear under the light-colored pants. Taemin covered it with his confidence and kept on moving.

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