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The 3 most beautiful hairstyles of Jisoo from Blackpink

The 'Lovesick Girls' singer is known as the queen of elegance! Fans loved her purple hair in June 2017, and her multiple transformations until now. Watch the pictures below with her 3 most amazing hairstyles!

  • Jisoo debuted in August 2016 in a K-Pop girl group called 'Blackpink' under ‘YG Entertainment’.
  • The 26-year-old singer has dyed her hair purple, brown, and red.
  • Her 'antenna hairs1tyle' went viral after the release of their hit single 'How You Like That'.

1. The Antenna Hairstyle

Jisoo's antenna hairstyle

Jisoo's 'antenna hairstyle' became a viral trend in Korea after the release of the 'How You Like That' music video. Listen to it here! Fans all over the world started posting their remake of the creative look with a few strands of hair on each side of their face. 

Wow, doesn't it look cool? 

2. Jisoo's vibrant purple hair

Jisoo with purple hair

In June 2017, The idol-actress dyed her hair purple for their summer release ‘As If It’s Your Last.’ Click here to listen to the addictive track. From fans to her band members everyone praised the star for pulling of the hair color so well!

Jisoo truly looks so elegant, don’t you think?

3. Dark red hair color

Jisoo performing Kill This Love

There’s no hair color in this world that the star can’t pull of! For Blackpink’s ‘Square Two’ era in April 2017, she decided to go with dark red hair. Jisoo was the talk of the show after every performance thanks to her striking stage presence. The bold red hair certainly made her stand out more, don’t you agree?


Jisoo for a photoshoot

While all looks are great my favorite hairstyle on Jisoo is her purple hair. I believe no idol can look better than her when it comes to dyeing your hair a cool shade of purple. For her K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ the director suggested she sticks to her natural hair color which is black. 

What hairstyle do you think she should try out next? Comment below!

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