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The 3 items that sold out thanks to Jungkook from BTS

Jungkook is the king of accidentally selling out things. The dancer’s fans surely have a lot of money. Anything that Jungkook likes gets sold out quicker than you can imagine. The youngest member is responsible for accidentally racking up sales for many companies, from Prada to Downey. Read below to see everything that Jungkook has sold out.

  • Jungkook is the youngest and most shy member of BTS.
  • The idol is an amazing singer and has released hit songs like 'My Time'.
  • Born in Busan, the twenty-three-year-old now lives in the richest area of Seoul

1. Fabric softener

BTS with Downy

This is one incident that fans can never forget. Based on a conversation between the fans and Jungkook, he revealed that personally he likes using Downy for his clothes. This was all it took for the fans to cause a worldwide shortage of the softener.

Jungkook with Downy edits made by fans

The fans love for Jungkook is truly something else.

BTS singer jungkook with Downy

Even the dancer himself was impressed at the fans’ actions. What can we say, we all want to buy what Jungkook loves.

2. Lip balm

BTS Jungkook with soft pink lips

Jungkook loves taking care of his lips, and is always carrying lip balm. The idol is very careful about hiding any brand names on the product, but his makeup artist made a mistake. Pictures of a makeup artist putting lip balm on Jungkook took the internet by storm.

Jungkook's lip balm that got sold out

The lip balm was KATE CC LIP Cream, and it sold out in just a few hours! At least we all now have soft lips.

Jungkook's lip balm getting sold out

 3.  Prada clothing

Jungkook wearing Prada for Vogue shoot

The fans' obsession with the star’s choices isn’t limited to just regular products. Being a millionaire idol, Jungkook loves luxury clothes, and apparently his fans do too.

Prada jacket that Jungkook's fans sold out

While shooting for Vogue Japan, all of BTS was dressed in expensive clothes, but Jungkook’s jacket caught everyone’s attention.

Jungkook outfit breakdown for Vogue Shoot

The $2,820 jacket sold out in over 25 countries, including the US, Japan, France, Italy, Australia, Germany, and Switzerland. The power of Jungkook’s fans is immeasurable.

Jungkook holding hands with fans

Jungkook has more power than one can think of! Anything he touches, fans sell out. It’s this loyalty between BTS and their fans that makes them so successful. Which product would you buy if you saw Jungkook using it? Let us know in the comments below.

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