V being effortlessly funny

The 3 highlights that prove V is the funniest in BTS

Has anyone ever made you laugh with their effortless jokes? Kim Taehyung of BTS is often the reason their fans laugh. He has joked with a straight face, which makes us wonder how he manages to hide his pretty smile while saying the funniest thing ever. Wonder what his top funniest moments are? Look no further and read along!

  • Born in 1995, Kim Taehyung will turn 25 on December 30, 2020. He will receive an AD on Burj Khalifa, becoming the first K-Pop artist to achieve that. 
  • The 5'10" singer used to be a giggly young boy, but now he has grown into a more sophisticated person.
  • V has been ranked 2nd on the 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2020 list.

1. Oh na na na

Army talking about V's funny response

When asked about their favorite lyrics from the album MOTS:7, V replied savagely 'Oh na na na' this made the members crack up, and J-Hope couldn't hold himself together. Imagine hearing that with an emotionless expression on someone's face. Indeed, effortless of Kim Taehyung. Check out the clip here.

2. All fire Bow wow wow

In another interview, the vocalist threw the most meaningful lyrics with a poker face. Everyone laughed about it, but can we please talk about how he manages to be effortlessly funny? He didn't even try! 

3. When he walked into the glass door

During Bon Voyage, Taehyung accidentally hurt himself by walking into a glass door. Poor V, he just wanted to check out the pool but ended up walking into the glass door. 

Check out his song Winter Bear below!

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