Blackpink at their concert

The 3 best performances by Blackpink in 2020

What makes Blackpink the biggest pop group in the world? The answer lies in their incredibly talented selves. There is nothing that this girl band can’t do! They were the first K-pop group to make history at Coachella. They won the hearts of the US public with their amazing discography! Which 3 performances were the most memorable in 2020? Read below to find out!

  • Blackpink performed at an American music festival called Coachella on April 12th, 2019.
  • The girl band had the highest-selling K-pop world tour among all the female groups in Korea. 
  • They performed their hit single called ‘Lovesick Girls’ on Jimmy Kimmel on October 21st, 2020. 

1. Blackpink perform Lovesick Girls on Tokopedia

Blackpink for Tokopedia

One of the best camera works for ‘Lovesick Girls’ performance was by Tokopedia. It is an Indonesian e-commerce platform that invited the girl group for a show. Read more on what they did at this event here!

The beautiful floral stage with bright spotlights was simply perfect. Don’t you think the girls look amazing in their black and white outfits? Click here to watch the full performance.

2. Pretty Savage

Blackpink backstage at Inkigayo

With powerful bass drops and snarky lyrics, Blackpink made everyone fall in love with them. The track allowed the girls to show off their best outfits. Jisoo went viral for her cool rap and  amazing eye make-up! Isn't she the coolest? 

Pretty Savage is the most streamed side track from Blackpink’s debut album called ‘The Album’.  Watch the energetic performance of this addictive song here! 

3. How You Like That

Blackpink in concert

This track is legendary! It secured 86.4 million views on YouTube in the first 24-hours of its release. The girls styled the traditional Korean hanboks with a new twist. The spectacular choreography of this song was by Kiel Tutin, a famous American choreographer. Watch how the 4 girls owned the stage with their hit pre-release single here! 


Blackpink’s stage presence remains unmatched. It is one of the traits that captivates the audience. My favorite performance by them was the ‘Lovesick Girls’ on Tokopedia! I hope they go on that show again. Which performance did you like the best? Comment below!

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