The 3 best male vocals in K-Pop

The 3 best male vocals in K-Pop

Vocalists are essential to a group's success in the K-Pop industry. Scroll down to read about the three idols who have vocals that are unbelievable.

  • The main vocalist usually gets more singing lines than the lead vocalist and oftentimes sings the chorus or does the ad-libs
  • The lead vocalist usually sings before the main vocalist, but can also sing the chorus instead of the main vocalist
  • The main vocalist has the best singing technique in the group
  • The lead vocalist has the 2nd best singing technique


3) Onew - SHINee

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The K-Pop industry wouldn't be the same without them, as SHINee has been around since 2008. The group's name 'SHINee' is made of the word 'Shine' meaning light and 'ee' referring to 'one who receives light'. The 31-year-old Korean singer born as Lee Jinki is the leader and main vocalist of the group. Understandable when you listen to his voice both during live concerts and the studio records. Onew is not only praised by fans for his newest performance in the romance musical 'Midnight Sun', but he also performed the world-famous opera piece 'Nessun Dorma' in 2011 which was something unexpected but nevertheless blew everyone away. Check out Shinee's newest album 'Don't Call Me' and swoon over Onew's vocals with us!

2) Jongho - ATEEZ

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Jongho, born as Choi Jongho, is the main vocalist of the eight-member boy group ATEEZ who debuted in October 2018. As the main vocalist, he's bound to have an amazing vocal range. While participating in the K-Pop competition show 'Kingdom: Legendary War', which aired from April to June 2021, the 21-year-old proved that he's ATEEZ's main vocalist for a reason: While performing a rendered version of their song 'Wonderland', Jongho took his vocals to a whole new level, topping the already high note and added one even higher and longer. The other idols watching the performance were shaken and even gasped out loud. Other songs including high notes by Jongho are Fireworks, Black Cat Nero and Rhythm Ta.

1) Jungkook - BTS

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And last but not least, we have Jungkook, also lovingly called 'Kookie' by his fans. Jungkook joined BTS at the age of 16 and was named main vocalist of the group. Over the course of their career, Jungkook proved time and time again that he's very much capable of hitting notes that otherwise would seem impossibly high. His fan-favorite single song 'Euphoria' showcases his vocal range. 'On' and  'Answer: Love Myself' gave ARMY's the chills as well. He's an allrounder and we're looking forward to hearing more top-notch notes from him.

Please check out our latest video on BTS for more content!

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