The 3 K-pop bands that started this amazing music genre!

K-pop is a music genre created in South Korea approximately in the 1990s. The groups are mainly made up of girls or boys, there are only a few solo singers: Seo Taji and the boys, H.O.T. and S.E.S. Scroll down to learn a bit of the new 'music style' beginnings! 

  • Bands have created the perfect balance between hip-hop, R&B and soul music.
  • K-pop bands have gained terrain (and scenarios) all over the world now, even in the USA.
  • The first groups were amateurs, but they have clearly understood how to make South Korea heard, and they have cleared the path for the followers.

1. Seo Taiji and Boys (1992) 

Seo Taji is considered the leader of K-pop. When he and the boys (a group of three) started singing K-pop it was considered an alternative to Korean traditional music.

2. H.O.T. (1996)

H.O.T. most heard song: "Candy"

 H.O.T. is the acronym for 'High-Five of Teenagers'. They started using the initials to make it easier for everybody to remember them. The band is considered as the first idol group and the first in which the members were brought to gather by a company: SM Entertainment.

3. S.E.S. (1997)

S.E.S.photoshoot. Source: Zing

 It is considered H.O.T counterpart. The members of the group were also united and chosen by SM Entertainment.

This is just the beginning, where the magic begun. Let's watch “Nan Arayo” and see if there is a resemblance with today's K-pop. I believe it was a necessary step to take in order to be where we are: at K-pop summit!

Barbara Vivot

Translator and interpreter. Fan of traveling (no matter where). Music lover. Mother of two and still want No. 3+ info

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