Suga's scary encounters with fans

The 2 scariest BTS fan encounters of Suga

Being a celebrity means a lot of crazy fan interactions, but it's all fun and games until some serious stalker fans come into the frame. Suga from BTS had the creepiest encounters with such obsessive fans that raged not only the singer himself but his other band members too. Scroll down to find out more about the events. 

  • Suga, also known by his real name Min Yoon-gi, is a 28-year-old rapper, songwriter, and record producer. 
  • Sasaeng fans are the ones who stalk these idols and try to engage in illegal or unethical acts to gain their attention.
  • The rapper is known for having social anxiety and therefore maintaining a personal space is important for him. So such incidents often leave him disturbed! Watch Suga talk about his fears here.

1) Female encounter after a TV show

In January 2019, an old video of Suga resurfaced on social media. In the clip, the 28-year-old rapper was leaving after appearing on a BTS broadcast when a female fan whose name remains unknown till the day, attacked the rapper and forcefully tried to kiss him. Thankfully, the band member was quick to take action and pushed the lady away immediately. Watch full video of the incident here.

2) The impossible chase

Suga interacting with a fan

Again in January 2019, a stalker named LChan continuously chased Suga for days and took pictures of him anywhere, anytime. Despite the fact that the singer raised his cell phone to alert the fan about her odious acts being noticed, she continued. That's crazy, I mean, it's more than invading someone's privacy. At workplaces, it's different, and it's still wrong, but outside a workplace, insane!

What did she do with those pictures, though? Well, she had an Instagram page by the name of 'blacklchan' where she used to upload the photos. It has been taken down, but the distress caused by the obsessive fan could not be reversed. 

Suga performing on stage

As these invasions may affect none other than their favorite stars, people should take greater care. We wish people become more considerate. On the other hand, the real fans are always anguished and come out in support of their idols, if such an incident happens. I think the best way to gain attention is by respecting the celebrities rather than breaching their space and agonizing over them. 

Find out Suga's interesting life story below!

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