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Here is how each BTS member was discovered

BTS is a global sensation now and without any doubt, what they are doing in the music industry is revolutionary. However, this fame and recognition did not come overnight. In fact, the growth of BTS has been purely organic and the result of years of hard work. All seven members had to go through a lot before they became a part of BTS. They have shared their struggles a lot of times with fans. Watch the video below to find out the details!

  • Bangtan boys had a very humble start and now each of them is worth around $20 million
  • RM, the group’s leader, was the first person to become a part of BTS
  • Each member has his own struggling story of how they made it to the group

RM’s journey 

Kim Namjoon aka RM

RM has always been a genius. With an IQ of 148, he falls in the top 0.01% of the world’s population in terms of intelligence. One can wonder how hard it must have been to pursue his passion even when he could have easily made it to the top colleges in the world. His mother wanted him to study well and did not support his music career initially. 

Jin wanted to make his mother proud!


Having strong visuals, the eldest member of BTS was criticized for not having talent in singing. However, with his passion, he proved everyone wrong. He wanted to make his mother proud, so she can talk about her son in front of her friends. And he did make her proud!

Suga’s hardships 


The lead rapper of the group had to struggle the most financially. His parents did not support his music career, and he had to figure out life on his own. Having to choose between a bus ride and a meal due to his limited budget, Suga has come a long way to become a millionaire. 

Our hope and his journey!


J-Hope was rejected from one label before auditioning for Big Hit Entertainment. He did so to make his father proud. Started off as a street dancer and now to become one of the best dancers and rappers the world knows of, our hope shines bright!

Maknae’s line struggles

Park Jimin

Jimin had to go through a lot during his early days. However, he did not let all the criticisms get to him. Fans know that he is that one person in BTS who practices a lot and sacrifices hours of sleep just to do everything perfectly.

V's journey


V grew up in the presence of his grandmother and wanted to become a farmer. He accompanied a friend to Big Hit auditions and ended up giving an audition himself. Today, he is the most handsome man in the world and the owner of a soulful voice.  

Jungkook's path to success


Our youngest, Jungkook, joined BTS at a very young age. He came to Seoul from Busan to fulfill his dreams. The young vocalist travelled to America to learn dancing. Today, he is one of the most talented artists in the world!

Listen to BTS' debut song 'No More Dream':

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