V from BTS in butter photo album

Take a look inside V's private bedroom in the BTS mansion

Where does the mysterious Kim Taehyung live? Fans have been trying to figure out what the handsome singer's room looks like for the longest time. Sadly, the global star is a very private person and very rarely shares pictures of his room. We are experts and managed to get pictures of his dorm room just for you! Scroll below to see the inside of V’s room!

  • Kim Taehyung, also known as V, is one of the singers of the global sensation, BTS. 
  • Although the singer lives with the band, he also owns an apartment worth $4.55 million. 
  • With a shocking net worth of $20 million, V loves spending his money on the luxury brand; Gucci
BTS in their luxury dorm shooting 'Life Goes On'

All seven members of BTS live together in the richest area of Seoul in South Korea! The millionaires live in a luxury apartment where they shot the dynamic 'Life Goes On' music video. BTS truly has impeccable style. Don't you agree?

BTS' house on Hannam Hill, Seoul

You could be world-famous, but Big Hit Entertainment will make you share rooms! Taehyung is roommates with BTS’ leader RM! Together the roommates live in one of the biggest rooms in the apartment. The apartment is located in one of the richest parts of Seoul- Hannam Hill in Gangnam. The boys love living in luxury!

BTS' apartment in Hannam Hill Seoul

The twenty-five-year-old idol's room is perfect for his personality. Even with a sleek style, the room is filled with adorable stuffed toys. It's both modern and cute, just like V!

BTS V's room tour

Along with stuffed toys, Taehyung’s room is also filled with paintings. The handsome idol has many paintings of his own face, made by the loyal BTS fans. 

BTS singer V with painting in apartment

The handsome superstar truly has a comfortable and homely room! What do you think about Taehyung’s room? Does it suit his style? Let us know in the comments below!

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