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Take a look inside RM and Jimin's $5 million apartments!

RM and Jimin from BTS are now proud owners of $5 million properties! They have bought their apartments in the Nine One Hannam complex in South Korea. The band's rapper purchased his 293.93 square meters wide apartment for 5.69 million on March 31st, 2021. The group leader, Jimin, also bought a similar apartment on the same date for 5.3 million. Want to know more details? Scroll down and check out the pictures!

  • The shared house of BTS members is in the same complex, right behind RM and Jimin's apartments.
  • Apart from the Bangtan Boys, some other famous South Korean celebrities also live there including, G-Dragon (K-pop rapper), So Ji-Sub (actor), and Jun Ji Hyun (actor and model). 
  • Jungkook also owns a house worth 7 million in Itaewon, South Korea.

New and proud owners

RM and Jimin out for a walk

BTS decided it was time to move on and spend some cash on June 1st, 2021. The information about property sale-and-purchase is registered online, so anyone can find about it. According to South Korean law, any property which is more expensive than 13.5 million can't be purchased in installments. Both the members paid for the apartments in cash. 

Take a look inside

Apartments' bathroom

RM's apartment has a usable area of about 244.34 square meters, constituting rooms and bathrooms.

RM and Jimin's apartments' wardrobe space

The place got transferred to his name on May 25th, 2021 after the complete property documentation.

RM and Jimin's apartments' windows

Jimin also became the house owner the very next day on May 26th, 2021.

RM and Jimin's apartments' living area
RM and Jimin's apartments' hallway

Their apartments have a spacious living room, a master room, dining area, a study room, kitchen, utility room, and three bedrooms.

Why the different price?

RM and Jimin's apartments' building entrance

Though both the apartments are of the same size, RM paid almost 400,000 dollars more! RM's apartment has a wide terrace and the view is beautiful! As you all know, he is a nature lover!

Common areas:

RM and Jimin's apartments' building entrance

The complex has a beautiful entrance with huge trees and flower beds. Also, the interior of the blocks has a contemporary design with spacious rooms.

Building's gardens

There are multiple gardens with fountains and a modern-designed lake on the outside. The residents can reserve private party rooms for free.

Building's party room

There is a variety in them too as smaller rooms have dine-in space while the bigger ones have their separate kitchenettes.

Building's lake 

The residents of the building can also gather in the common lounge and interact with each other. Who wouldn't like to live in such an amazing place?


Car parking area
Building's common lounge


RM and Jimin looking handsome

BTS members prefer to live together as there are no reports of them moving out of their current place. Why? Probably because they need to be 24/7 together in order to work as a whole. Dance routines, preparations and feedback is a part of their every day's lives. Seeing their success and evolution reminds us of their debut days when they had nothing but big aims and dreams. This makes us super proud! What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below and if you are interested in more, check out the video inside Jungkook's private bedroom!

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