Take a look inside Jungkook's bedroom!

Take a look inside Jungkook's bedroom!

Have you taken a tour of his room? Despite the fact that the band lives in a posh area in Seoul, the youngest member prefers modest trends. Unlike his fancy tattoos, the lead vocalist of BTS' room is a lot simple. He doesn't like to over-decorate his place but loves keeping unique items inside it. Watch the video below!

When BTS members started living together, they owned a one-room dorm because their label, Big Hit was not financially stable at that time.

BTS new dorm

But as the company started gaining enough profit, they shifted to a relatively bigger dorm where the members could share the rooms in pairs. All of them shared the places except for Jungkook who had a separate basement room.

Jungkook posing for the camera

But his room was very small as compared to the others. And since he liked to place a lot of things inside it, almost no empty space was left there. He kept everything inside, from speakers and computers to a whole refrigerator!

Then in 2017, the band moved to a dorm in Hannam the Hill. Here, almost all the members have separate rooms. And even Jungkook owns a big one now. So how does it look like? Is it still cluttered with stuff?   

Jungkook in his room

The Busan-born idol has a large open wardrobe inside his bedroom. In front of it, there is a table and a chair where he sits and does his work. But there is one thing in his room which has surprised everyone. What is that?

IKEA bed

That is his $99 IKEA bed. It's a white framed bed which used to be everyone's favorite ten years ago. But looks like Jungkook is still a fan *chuckles*. We couldn't believe that a multi-millionaire idol can have such a modest bed in his room. He is not called humble king for no reason.

Jungkook sitting on his bed

We got a glimpse of it through the selfie he posted on Twitter. He even trended number one for it as the fans got interesting insights about his beautiful room.  

Fan's tweet
Fan's tweet
Fan's tweet

So, how could they have stayed silent at it? They expressed their surprising reaction at having a similar bed as their favorite idol in the most hilarious way.

Jungkook taking mirror selfie

Apart from this, Jungkook also has a mirror on one side of his room with a statement light on the ceiling. So, our Golden maknae is all about modesty and simplicity, and we absolutely love it!

BTS when they were teenagers

Looking for a room setup inspiration? Just follow the K-pop idol and make your place clean and accessible. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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