How will Taehyung's mixtape sound like? How will Taehyung's mixtape sound like?

Taehyung wants to surprise ARMY with the musical genre in his solo mixtape

ARMY can't wait any longer for BTS V's solo mixtape and the idol answered this question unexpectedly

Taehyung has said that his solo mixtape will be released very soon and ARMY can't help but wonder what this next production of the BTS idol will be like.

All the members from BTS are extremely talented, their musical abilities are proven in every song of the idol group. But not only as a group have they shine, they have also done so as soloists. Taehyung has released his own songs with which he has shown yet another facet of him as an artist.

V's great voice blends smoothly with various ballads, his firm tones adapting and fitting perfectly with the different beats in the same composition. 'Winter Bear' is a great proof of that. In addition, Kim Taehyung has also participated in OSTs for K-Dramas, thus musicalizing a love story full of feelings.

As we know, Tae's talent is not limited, and he has also written and composed songs for Bangtan Sonyeondan such as 'Blue & Grey', a great song that touched many fans' hearts, thanks to V being able to transmit his real emotions when working on it.

This is why ARMY cannot wait for Taehyung's solo mixtape, the wait has been long, but the BTS idol keeps the promise of working on his next production. Although he still wants to surprise his fans, what genre of music will his songs be?

BTS' V still doesn't want to reveal the musical genre of his solo mixtape, how will he surprise ARMY?

Through Weverse, ARMY asked Taehyung the following question: 'What kind of vibe will your mixtape have? ballad or jazz?'. But apparently, the BTS idol still doesn't want to reveal anything about his mixtape, as he responded in the most unexpected way possible.

Please call me genius golf student Kim Taehyung from now on. I'm serious.

Taehyung wants to surprise ARMY | Twitter: @purpleloveplus

 Maybe it's that Taehyung wants to completely surprise ARMY with this mixtape, maybe he gave a clue with this comment. Perhaps it is that he is not going to play the musical genres that he has already used in other songs and will surprise with another type of music showing more facets of the idol.

What musical genres has V used in his songs?

Normally, V's songs sound like a ballad, with a sweet acoustic background, without so many rough or fast-paced sounds. Rather, calm and quiet. Taehyung's sweet voice shines perfectly in his compositions. Jazz is a personal taste of the idol, which is why it was perhaps thought that he would decide to add it to some composition.

We can only wait a little longer for V to decide to release his mixtape and let us know what he put into his songs for it.

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