Taehyung has his own Twitter profile now on BTS' official one Taehyung has his own Twitter profile now on BTS' official one

Taehyung takes over BTS' Twitter account, how did he modify it?

BTS' V invaded the group's official Twitter account with this hilarious profile update

Taehyung had the idea of becoming BTS's official Twitter and so he did, now ARMY can't stop laughing at the idol's updates on the profile.

There are a lot of things we can admire about BTS and its members. This idol group is full of incredibly talented people who also have great senses of humor and personalities that end up winning over the big boy band fandom even more.

We can highlight a lot of features of Bangtan Sonyeondan members. For example, Taehyung, a boy extremely talented in music. In addition to being a great singer and dancer, this artist also stands out for being a good songwriter. He also knows how to play instruments like the trumpet and this makes him more and more interesting.

V also has a nice personality, apart from being someone who is always kind and dedicated, he is also a very funny person. Tae makes the best jokes to make his fans laugh and always has a good attitude at all times. His way of being shines through many aspects of it.

And now we are witnessing once again how much fun Taehyung can be now that he completely took over the official BTS Twitter account and modified it to look unrecognizable, what did he put on it?

Taehyung turns BTS' official Twitter account into his own profile with these updates

V changed the official profile of BTS on Twitter, in the cover photo and the account is now Taehyung playing golf. While the profile name was changed to 'Golf Gifted Person Kim Taehyung'. The bio of this account now says 'No no, this is Kim Taehyung'.

BTS' new profile on Twitter | Twitter: @BTS_twt

LOL, what did you think of these BTS profile changes? Taehyung actually took over the account as a joke. How funny is this idol.

Taehyung's Twitter prank seems like a response to Jimin's earlier one

Previously, Jimin had done a similar thing by taking over BTS' Twitter account, changing the pictures and name by putting himself on everything, LOL. Maybe V's new joke was in response to the one Mochi had already done before.

Jimin's earlier prank | Twitter: @kiss_seven7

Well, great minds tend to think the same, is it something that happened with Jimin and V's ideas? The important thing is that ARMYs have a lot of fun with idols, so that's why they make these kind of jokes.

Keep reading more about BTS, like Taehyung... Once again, LOL, since he shared a new hypnotic video which we can't stop watching. 

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