BTS' V will release his solo mixtape on this year BTS' V will release his solo mixtape on this year

Taehyung reveals his solo mixtape is coming out soon and ARMY can't wait

ARMY has been waiting for BTS V's solo mixtape for a long time but it may be closer than we expect, when is he going to release it?

BTS' Taehyung has already proven his solo talents with some of his songs for drama OSTs, but ARMY wants to have more of the idol and his promised solo mixtape will be released later this year.

The members of BTS are extremely talented, a great example of this is Taehyung, who not only sings and dances, he has also written some songs. And the musical talents of this idol also encompass some musical instruments that the artist usually plays.

V has not only given a special touch to each Bangtan Sonyeondan song with his voice, this singer has also shone solo, with some songs that he has released on his own and with some OSTs for dramas in which he has lent his talents and captivated audiences on television.

ARMY has supported the Bangtan Boys both as a group and with their solo projects, and it will not be the exception for Kim Taehyung. He has promised his fans for a while now that he will release a solo mixtape. The idol said that he was already working on his songs, exciting his fandom for the new music that he could give them.

And it seems that it will be very soon when V finally releases his solo mixtape for ARMY. Maybe Taehyung has everything ready to release his songs and his fans can't wait any longer.

BTS' V will release his solo mixtape on this 2022, just wait a little more for it

Through Weverse, BTS' Taehyung posted a comment revealing that he plans to release his solo mixtape during 2022. ARMY can't wait any longer to hear his solo songs that he has promised for some time now. It will surely be a success and will bring happiness to the idol and his fandom.

Taehyung revealing about his solo mixtape release | Twitter: qjeonrokstar

Are you ready for Taehyung's solo mixtape? The idol will surely bring out the best of himself in his upcoming songs, we can't wait any longer to hear this release from Bangtan idol Sonyeondan. 

What can we expect from Taehyung's solo mixtape?

In V's songs we find a sweet voice, accompanied by calm sounds. His tracks are usually ballads full of feelings and emotions. Although it should be remembered that Taehyung is a fan of jazz and perhaps we could find a song of this musical genre in his solo mixtape. We just have to wait a little longer.

Surely V will surprise us with his own songs, because he is an artist full of talent and creativity for music, there is no doubt about this.

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