Which emoji suits V best? Which emoji suits V best?

Taehyung decides which emoji suits him best, did he choose a bear or a tiger?

Normally, ARMY represents V from BTS with the tiger or bear emoji, but in the end the idol chose which one is the best for him

Each member of BTS has an emoji that represents him and for Taehyung ARMY he usually uses the emoji of the bear or the tiger, which one best describes him? V himself chose the right one.

Thanks to nicknames, experiences, moments and even the likes of each BTS idol, ARMY has been able to identify them with their various characteristics and even with images, emojis, animals and others. This is why sometimes the fandom will use these resources to represent the members of the K-Pop group.

If you are someone new to the fandom, it may be difficult at first to recognize them, who is the koala? Who do they represent with a cat? Why is Jimin a chick? And so, but little by little you get used to it and in a short time you already know which animal or emoji represents each member of Bangtan Sonyeondan.

For Taehyung there is no exception, although his fandom did not have just one emoji to represent this idol, but 2, it is a bear, because his grandfather called him that. And a tiger since it is one of the idol's favorite animals, his spiritual animal and with which he used to post on Twitter, for example.

But what is the emoji that best represents V? The BTS idol has chosen the one he wants to be used to relate to him, which one is it?

BTS' V has chosen the emoji that best represents him, will it be the bear or the tiger?

BTS knew very well that V had two emojis, so the other members of the group encouraged him to only choose one, but since it was a difficult decision to make, Taehyung decided to put it to a vote through his Instagram Stories and finally the results came out. The best emoji for Tae is: Bear.

Taehyjng chose bear emoji | Instagram: @thv

What emoji do you usually represent V with? This election even divided between Team Bear and Team Tiger, but maybe everyone will use the bear to represent Taehyung from now on.

ARMY has a new proposal for the V emoji

If you still can't decide which is the best emoji for V, ARMY has a great idea, combine both emojis, although it might seem strange, but will it look good with the BTS idol? Here we have the image that a fan made to mix them.

This is ARMY's option for V emoji | Twitter: @taekkm

Isn't this a rather original idea? It could work! They should send it to Taehyung to see if he approves, OMG.

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