Yeounjun reacting to Wooyoun'g PS5 Challenge Yeounjun reacting to Wooyoun'g PS5 Challenge

TXT's Yeonjun has mixed emotions to ATEEZ's Wooyoung doing PS5 challenge

The 'PS5 Challenge' became a TikTok trend thanks to TXT's Yeonjun and he was excited to discover that his friend Wooyoung from ATEEZ had replicated this challenge

ATEEZ's Wooyoung did the 'PS5 Challenge' created by TXT's Yeonjun, and when the challenger found out that his friend had followed his trend he had mixed emotions, what was his reaction?

TXT is one of the most popular groups in K-Pop at the moment, its members are extremely talented and have a very attractive charisma for many fans. In this group we find Yeonjun, an amazing artist who has conquered MOA with his voice, rap and dance.

On the other hand, ATEEZ is also a boy band full of talent, this group has dominated part of the K-Pop industry thanks to the skills and talents of its members. Among whom we find Wooyoung, a boy with a great energy that is transmitted in each song and performance of his idol group.

And what do TXT and ATEEZ have in common? Well both groups are just amazing, their idols work hard to shine and they also have a lot of fans. But not only that, these groups have a nice friendship between the members of each group. Who wouldn't want to have besties like these artists?

Yeonjun and Wooyoung have a nice bond, and as the Tomorrow X Together member popularized a challenge on TikTok, he was excited to find out that his friend had done it too, but then he was disappointed, what happened?

TXT's Yeonjun's hilarious reaction to ATEEZ's Wooyoung doing his PS5 challenge

Yeonjun was doing a streaming live when MOA told him that ATEEZ's Wooyoung had done the 'PS5 Challenge', created by the TXT idol, so he started to search very excited for his friend's video on TikTok. But he ended up disappointed, since he couldn't find it.

But what happened is that Wooyoung didn't do the 'PS5 Challenge' directly on TikTok, but a fan asked him to do it during a fancall and then ATINY shared the video and that was how MOA found out that Yeonjun's friend had done the challenge. of the member of Tomorrow X Together. 

Yeonjun danced to ATEEZ's 'Deja Vu', showing his support for his friends in the group

 During this Yeonjun live, the TXT member danced to ATEEZ's song 'Deja Vu', his steps amazed many fans of both idol groups and that's when everyone remembered about the PS5 Challenge and Wooyoung. This is how Choi Yeonjun showed his affection and friendship with ATEEZ idols.

Now you know a little more about TXT and ATEEZ's friendship, both groups are very talented and have many fans and their idols are so cool like Yeonjun and Wooyoung.

Keep reading more about you favorite K-Pop groups, such as BTS, do you know what does MUSTER mean? It's something pretty important for ARMY. 

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