Yeonjun has a new nickname Yeonjun has a new nickname

TXT's Yeonjun has a new nickname that MOA gave him, what does it mean?

What is Yeonjun's new nickname? MOA gave this cute name to the TXT idol for his new job

TXT's Yeonjun has a few nicknames that MOA and his peers have given him, and now there's a new one that Korean fans gave the idol, what is it and what does it mean?

TXT has extremely talented idols, in music they never stop shining and showing their great talents and skills in the studio and on stage. But they also often have hidden abilities that they can reveal on various occasions, that's how they gain even more fans.

MOA is the great fandom that is in charge of showing their love and support for Tomorrow X Together. Fans love all stages of idols and support them in every new project they are working on, whether in music or outside of it. And being multi-talented entertainers, they have developed into various branches of entertainment.

Like Soobin and Huening Kai who have worked as MCs on the Korean music show 'Music Bank' where they show off their charm to the guests and how well they can work on camera. They were endearing presenters in this show that MOA always supported.

But this time, it is Yeonjun who becomes the MC and this has given the idol a new nickname, what is it and why did K-MOA give it to him?

TXT's Yeonjun is now called Jjunigayo, what does his new nickname mean?

K-MOA gave Yeonjun a new nickname, this is '쭈니가요' which translates to 'Jjunigayo'. This nickname was created because the TXT idol will be working as Inkigayo's MC, so they cutely linked his name with the name of the show he will be hosting. This is a token of MOA's support for this artist.

Inkigayo MC Yeonjun | Twitter: @translatingTXT

This Sunday will be the first time that Yeonjun is Inkigayo's MC, don't miss his participation in the program that has a MOA with great enthusiasm.

What other nicknames does TXT's Yeonjun have?

Yeonjun has earned various nicknames from his fans and also from the Korean media, here is a list of them, what do you usually call this TXT idol?

Yeonjun has some nicknames | Twitter: @913updates

 We wish Yeonjun the best of luck in this new stage, with a new job that will surely bring new knowledge and experiences to the idol.

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