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TXT's Yeonjun clarifies misunderstanding about his 'Good Boy Gone Bad' fancam

TXT has finished its promotion schedule for "Minisode 2: Thursday's Child". Yeonjun talked about his fancam for the latest "Good Boy Gone Bad" performance.

Have you listened to "Minisode 2: Thursday's Child"? It is a great album. Tomorrow x Together comeback was a whole succes. Its album got into the most important global charts.

Right now the group is finishing the promotions period. The members performed "Good Boy Gone Bad" on music shows for the last time.

TXT members / By @taelvsbeom

As usual the fancams of the members were dropped on Youtube. However, Yeonjun himself decided to talk about a misunderstanding before it could be a bigger problem. This is what the Idol said.

TXT's Yeonjun explain why he looked tired in his fancam

On May 22 (KST) TXT concluded its promotions with the title single "Good Boy Gone Bad" at Inkigayo. One day later Yeonjun talked with MOA about it via Weverse. He explained his concern about his fancam.

I saw the fancam for the last broadcast for the first time and I was surprised so I came immediately.

Yeonjun from TXT / By @txtparaguay_ofc

Apparently, by mistake the production staff uploaded a fancam that was recorded during the rehearsal. The video should be showing the actual performance. Yeonjun thinks there could be a problem with the ultimate fancam. He explained:

The fancam is from our rehearsal one! so I was worried it seemed like I was doing it half-heartedly and I hated that.

Yeonjun's post on Weverse / By @304verse

The passionate artist wanted to show his best to MOA. In addition this kind of situation has been a big problem for other Idols.

This fancam has been deleted of Inkigayo official Youtube channel. Nevertheless, the performances of TXT still very good. Here is its latest show of "Good Boy Gone Bad".

The TXT tour is already sold out in the United States, Read more about it in this article.

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