Yeonjun and Dino have a great friendship Yeonjun and Dino have a great friendship

TXT's Yeonjun and SEVENTEEN's Dino have a great friendship they showed off on TikTok

Did you know that TXT and SEVENTEEN have a good friendship? Since Yeojun and Dino became friends and they showed it on TikTok

Why are TXT's Yeonjun and SEVENTEEN's Dino friends? They have been sharing some of their moments to fans, how did they met each other?

TXT is a young idol group which has members with a lot of talent, they all shine bright together and we can see how good these idols are at singing, dancing and rapping. One of them is Yeonjun, the oldest member of the group who has a lot of talents.

Choi Yeonjun specializes in dancing and we all know it, his stage presence is not a joke. In K-Pop industry there are more amazing dancers just like this Tomorrow X Together member. Like Dino from SEVENTEEN, he's such a cool dancer too! And he has a great friendship with Yeonjun, did you know that?

Sometime ago, Lee Chan from SVT said he had a friend who was the same age as him, and then CARAT saw some interactions with Yeonjun, Both idols were born in 1999, so we all knew that he was the friend Dino was talking about before.

And we confirmed it when both idols were together dancing on TikTok, the two fo them joined for the challenge of their most recent songs, that's how these dancers showed off their amazing friendship.

Yeonjun and Dino show off the true friendship between TXT and SEVENTEEN on TikTok

We first got to see Yeonjun and Dino show off their friendship on TikTok with the 'Good Boy Gone Bad' Challenge this song is from TXT, the idols danced to this song together and it was a big surprise for CARAT and MOA. These dancers are on fire and the fans know it very well.

And this time, the idols came together again to do the 'HOT' Challenge, the new SEVENTEEN song that is showing all the power of the idol group within music and on stage. Dino and Yeonjun really do great together, will there be a collaboration Dancelogy soon?


We love this friendship in K-Pop, TXT and SEVENTEEN are great groups, we really love both of them and they have extremely talented idols in their lineups.

Seungkwan left Yeonjun a message on his TikTok with Dino

So cute! Seungkwan thanked Yeonjun for being friends with Dino, aww! He left him in a comment on the 'HOT' Challenge video that Dino shared alongside his new 99' liner friend. They are the sweetest thing in the universe, honestly. Surely soon we will see Lee Chan be friends with more idols his age.

Yeonjun, thank you so much for being close friends with our Dino (i’m grateful)

Seungkwan's comment thanking Yeonjun | Twitter: @gyucheol_txt

We love this cute friendship very much, maybe a little unexpected, but by sharing an agency, now Yeonjun and Dino can be closer. Also for the same reason that it is customary in Korea to be friends with people who are the same age as you.

Keep reading more about TXT and its members, like Beomgyu who described how the ideal type for MOA should be. 

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