TXT has all of BTS' support TXT has all of BTS' support

TXT's Taehyun reveals who is their most supportive hyung from BTS

TXT has all the support of BTS, but there's a member who cares the most about them and Taehyun shows it

TXT and BTS have a great relationship, as both groups came from the same agency and this is why the members of Bangtan will take care of their younger brothers from HYBE. Although one of these idols cares more about the guys from Tomorrow X Together, who is it?

Although TXT is a very young K-Pop group, it has gained great fame and relevance within the musical genre. Millions of fans have been totally conquered by the idols that are part of this boy band, their talents and abilities for music shine in every song and performance.

Tomorrow X Together was created by HYBE, the same company that manages the career of BTS, the most popular K-Pop group around the world. The members of Bangtan have always shown their support for those who are inspired by them in their path through music and there is no exception with TXT since they are almost like their younger brothers thanks to the company.

TXT members have openly said how much they admire Bangtan Sonyeondan idols. They have also covered their songs and both groups have had amazing interactions that fans love to see, as they are a great example of the love and respect that exists between these boybands.

And even BTS is in charge of fully supporting the members of Tomorrow X Together, but it seems that there is a member of the group who cares more about the TXT idols and thus shows them their love and support as a hyung.

Taehyun confesses that Suga is the BTS member who supports TXT the most

Suga from BTS has become a great mentor for TXT, Taehyun said that in the group chat they had with Bangtan, Yoongi was the one who used to write many paragraphs to them to support them or explain something to them, he always invested his time and words to help them grow and become better and better in every aspect.

Taehyun also revealed that V and J-Hope used a lot of stickers, just like the other members, but Suga was the only one who wrote them down word for word, awww!

Taehyun revealed that Suga is TXT's supportive hyung from BTS | Twitter: @0X1_1304

Perhaps there were many fans who did not know this facet of Suga, that of a teacher for those who need his help or words of support, that is how well he treats his little brothers from HYBE.

How is the relationship between TXT and BTS?

TXT and BTS relationship is full of admiration, respect, and also a lot of support. This has been noted on several occasions, the young idols of Tomorrow X Together have shown to have the members of Bangtan as role models. While the Bangtan Boys have always shown their support for the other generation of HYBE.

BTS and TXT have an amazing relationship | Twitter: @amidocumentary

Now you know more about BTS and TXT's relationship, all of these talented idols communicate and support each other.

Get to know more about TXT, Soobin tells you that it's never too late to become a fan, he will love you the same. 

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