TXT and J-Hope TXT and J-Hope

TXT's Taehyun reveals how BTS' J-Hope supports them

The relationship between BTS and TXT is adorable. This is what J-Hope did to support his young brothers.

For too long, BTS was the only group under BIG HIT. Eventually, in 2019 Bangtan welcomed the new boy group Tomorrow x Together. Since the debut both artists have shown a good relationship. The fanbase of the two groups are really happy to see their cute interactions. 

All the artists under HYBE seem to be really busy these days. However, BTS and TXT don't forget to support each other projects. A few days ago TXT release their album "Minisode 2 : Thursday's Child" and J-Hope is encouraged them

J-Hope is an unofficial cheerleader of TXT

On May 9th TXT dropped their latest album "Minisode 2 : Thursday's Child". Almost immediately J-Hope took social media to support the junior group.

The same day the Idol posted on his personal Instagram account a story with the music video of the title single "Good Boy Gone Bad". The rapper of BTS added a few words:

Fighting dongsaengs!

J-Hope's story / Instagram @uarmyhope

The fans of TXT are really grateful to J-Hope for promoting the song. MOA let Taehyun know how moved they are. On Weverse a fan talked about it and the Idol revealed more about his relationship with his senior.

I'm on KakaoTalk with hyung. He's really warm..

Hobi hyung is the best..

Taehyun comment on Weverse / By @304sns

Apparently J-Hope really knows how to take care of TXT. They are so lucky to have each other! What do you think about it? Do you like "Good Boy Gone Bad" as much as J-Hope does?

The new album is  really good! TXT is already breaking records, check this article to know more about it.

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