Soobin, TXT's leader, is recovering from COVID-19 Soobin, TXT's leader, is recovering from COVID-19

TXT's Soobin starts his recovery since he tested positive for COVID-19

Soobin from TXT tested positive for COVID-19, how is his health right now? HYBE reveals the idol's health status

Soobin begins his quarantine period as he has been diagnosed with COVID-19, MOA is concerned about the TXT idol's health condition.

Despite the pandemic, many idols must continue to work, sharing space with many more people, and even a lot of K-Pop artists have traveled outside of Korea to continue their activities. And although it seems that infections have decreased, the disease is still present.

MOA and TXT had some tough times when Yeonjun fell ill, he tested positive for COVID-19 and fans worried, showing their love and support on different platforms and hoping for the idol to have a successful recovery. After a few days, he was better and continued with his face-to-face activities.

As everything seemed to be fine, Tomorrow X Together was able to perform in front of their audience with the fanlive that they were able to share with the fans. This event was full of emotions and happiness, the fandom was more than happy to see their favorite idols again and they gave their best in each performance.

But now, TXT and MOA are facing the disease again, as Soobin, leader of the group, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and is now starting his recovery.

TXT's Soobin was diagnosed with COVID-19 and begins with his quarantine period

Through a statement, HYBE announced that TXT's Soobin tested positive for COVID-19. According to the information, the idol had symptoms such as cough and sore throat, so he decided to take the test, which was positive. He quickly began his recovery and quarantine.

All the other members of Tomorrow X Together also underwent the tests since they were in contact with Choi Soobin, but the idols tested negative. So for now they're all okay.

Soobin tested positive for COVID-19 | Twitter: @translatingTXT

MOA hopes that Soobin has a speedy recovery and can once again reunite with his group and fans after the quarantine is over.

Soobin updates on Weverse so MOA can feel calm

Soobin posted a message with some selcas on Weverse, a special platform for idols and fans. In this, the leader of TXT said that nothing hurts him, that his fans do not worry about him. Surely, he will recover very soon.

It doesn’t hurt at all, please don’t worry” 

Soobin updated on Weverse | Twitter: @banekyaasss

We all hope that Soobin feels good and finishes his recovery without any problems, MOA is already sending him the best wishes and wants him to make a successful recovery from the illness.

Read more about TXT and their idols, Soobin showed that no matter when you become MOA, he will love you either way. 

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