TXT will love you the same even if you're a new MOA TXT will love you the same even if you're a new MOA

TXT's Soobin shows that it's never too late for you to be part of his fandom

Soobin will love his fans the same no matter how long they've been in the TXT fandom and this is how he shows it

It's never too late for you yo show love and support for TXT and be a part of MOA, Soobin will love you in any way even if you are someone new in the fandom of this K-Pop group.

TXT is one of the youngest and most relevant groups in K-Pop, their idols have quickly caught the attention of millions of fans around the world who never stop showing their love, admiration, respect and support for the boy band. The fanbase of this group is very loyal.

For MOA there will be no impossible and the fanbase has led Tomorrow X Together to achieve great goals and records that the idols may not have imagined. In addition, the group has surpassed many others who have been in the industry for a longer time and it is all thanks to their fans.

That is why the relationship and teamwork of MOA and TXT is simply impressive, over the years this fandom has continued to grow and there are more and more followers of the idols who are inspired and motivated thanks to their work as K-Pop artists. Each one has impressed millions with their musical talents and abilities.

And the best thing is that no matter when you came to TXT and became a fan, Soobin will equally love MOA who has been around since the beginning, as well as fans who just discovered the group and joined the fandom.

It doesn't matter when you joined MOA, TXT's Soobin will love you the same

Through Weverse, TXT's Soobin was in touch with his fans, MOA left him different comments, stories and even letters where they expressed a lot about the idols after the fanlive they had. A fan revealed that was touched by how the group's leader was so happy at the event and they wish they had joined the fandom sooner so that they would have given the more love to the idol.

Soobin looked so happy during the fanlive that it made me tear up. if only I got to know you earlier, I would’ve been able to give you even more love…

But Soobin replied to his fan telling them that it doesn't matter if they joined the fandom now or years ago, he will love them the same.

There’s no “quick” and “late” when it comes to love 

I love you too 

Soobin knows that it's never too late for you to show your love | Twitter: @translatingTXT

 So, it doesn't matter when you joined MOA, Soobin will love you as much as you do since you're now a part of his life as a fan.

Soobin really cares of and loves MOA so much

During the fanlive that TXT held, Soobin couldn't help it and started crying since he saw one of his fans crying too, it touched his heart and this shows how much he cares of and loves MOA, tehir relationship is just amazing and the idols are truly grateful for their fans.

Soobin was touched by MOA's tears | Twitter: @yeonjugyu

Soobin is a great leader, an amazing idol and he also has a big heart full of love for his fans, MOA's love is MOA's love is reciprocated by the idols.

Keep reading about TXT and its members, and also about MOA which had a great surprise fot its favorite idols during TXT's fanlive.

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