Soobin and Odi Soobin and Odi

TXT's Soobin shares the cutest moments with his pet Odi

Do you know Soobin's pet? TXT leader has the best moments with Odi

TXT’s Soobin has Odi, a cute hedgehog who has shared the best moments with him, and this time he updated MOA with his routine alongside his pet.

TXT is an amazing idol group with extremely talented and dedicated members. His leader is Choi Soobin, a boy who has really proven to be very responsible and represent his idol group in the best way. Soobin has definitely won over fans with his talents and personality.

Soobin has great charisma and tried it out as a Music Bank MC for a little over a year. This idol from Tomorrow X Together is always worried about MOA too and we have been able to see it with his interactions with fans through video calls or social networks, especially Weverse.

Soobin often shows a lot of himself for MOA on Weverse and sometimes Twitter as well. We can still remember when the idol introduced a new member of his family. It is about Odi, a hedgehog that he has as a pet and that has gladdened the hearts of the members of TXT and MOA for quite some time.

This time, Soobin showed his routine with Odi, what were you doing this Saturday? The TXT idol showed MOA the cutest moments with his pet.

TXT's Soobin and Odi have the cutest moments, what was their routine today?

Through Weverse, Soobin updated with Odi, the idol shared some photos while giving his cute pet a bath. He then fed him and MOA asked him if Odi wasn't supposed to be sleeping by now, but the idol confessed that he woke him up to give him a bath. Awww! This is the cutest routine Soobin could share with her fans.

Soobin gave Odi a bath | Twitter: @304verse

Soobin said that Odi was mad because he was giving him a bath but he was also sleeping and it woke him up LOL. Though perhaps the pet really did need routine grooming from him.

MOA noticed that Soobin fed Odi cat food

LOL, in the video that Soobin shared while feeding Odi, MOA noticed something a bit strange because the food package that he gave his pet was for cat, WHAT?! Does Odi like cat food? Maybe this is a new question that fans will ask Soobin.

Soobin feeding Odi | Twitter: @lavanaquatic

Well, maybe there was no longer hedgehog food, or maybe cat food is also suitable for Odi, we hope to find out soon through Weverse.

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