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TXT's Soobin opens up about his insecurities as an Idol during emotive interview

TXT's Soobin appeared on Youngji's YouTube show. The leader revealed his concerns about his Idol's career.

Surviving in the K-Pop industry is not easy. Every year tons of groups debut working hard to get enough popularity to stay in the game. Too many talented and gorgeous Idols quit their dream after facing the cruel reality of the music world.

Is pretty hard for rookie artists to build a successful career. TXT debuted in 2019 and the group is already one of the best-selling ones. These five Idols are innovating with their unique music and style. Their popularity is not a joke!

TXT for 'Good Boy Gone Bad' / Twitter @txtparaguay_ofc

Tomorrow x Together tour "ACT : LOVE SICK" in the United States is already sold out. MOA is waiting for more dates to be announced for the of the world. Despite being so popular, the leader of the group, Soobin is worried about his talent and more. We are telling you everything.

TXT's Soobin revealed his concerns during the interview with Lee Youngji

On June 24th TXT's Soobin was the guest on the Lee Youngji's YouTube show. It is a show where the host and guests are drinking and having a casual talk. The rapper is well known for being easygoing and creating the perfect environment for an honest chat.

Eventually, the conversation became emotive.TXT's leader confessed that he has been trying to fit into the 'Idol' image. Soobin said that he thinks that he shines less than the rest of the members so he gets less attention. He added:

Lack of skills made me unconfident. I wanted to practice more as I was not ready yet, but they made my debut.

The position as a leader was a big pressure for me.

Immediately, Youngji praised the Idol saying that his hard work is inspiring her. She also said that he understands the pressure of being BTS junior group, but he comforted him with sweet words: "You are doing a good job".

Soobin confessed how moved he was by her words. The Idol was really enjoying his time in the show. This interview was emotional and hilarious at the same time, Check the full video here.

What do you think about Soobin's words?

TXT just announced new dates in Asia for the tour "ACT : LOVE SICK". Read more about it here.

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