Beomgyu says that MOA should date a person like this Beomgyu says that MOA should date a person like this

TXT's Beomgyu reveals how MOA's ideal type should be like

What should the ideal person of TXT fans have? Beomgyu said the best features that someone special should have for MOA

TXT members care about their fans and want the best for MOA, like Beomgyu who wants his fans to find someone with the best features to date.

TXT is a great K-Pop group that has quickly won the hearts of millions of fans around the world, the idols of this boy band work hard to present the best and receive great love and support from their fandom. They also have a great relationship with their followers.

One of the members of Tomorrow X Together is Beomgyu, a very talented, cute, charismatic boy with amazing visuals. This artist has managed to conquer many hearts of his fans who have surely already made him their group bias or ultimate bias. He receives all the love from MOA and also shows that this feeling is reciprocated.

Choi Beomgyu has a great relationship with his fans, sometimes he interacts with them on Weverse or in online fanings as well. In addition, now with the comeback of TXT and his fans, he has new adventures with MOAs that we can all witness.

This time, Beomgyu told MOA what characteristics someone who is like the ideal person for his fans should have, something very nice from the TXT idol, what do you want them to find in their ideal type?

What should the ideal type of MOA be like? Beomgyu lists these features for the right person for his fans

In a recent TXT fansing, Beomgyu wrote that a MOA can only date someone if the person follows these conditions. The idol wrote 3 features of the ideal type for his fans. Neither of these is physical, it's more about someone with a good heart.

  1. Must be warm-hearted
  2. Must take care of you
  3. Must remember all the little things
Beomgyu thinks these features are good for someone to date MOA | Twitter: @translatingTXT

It's so sweet that Beomgyu wants this for his fans, the idol really wants MOA to have someone who truly loves him by their side.

Beomgyu also wants to know more about MOA in his fansings

MOA asked Beomgyu what he would like to ask his fans about, the idol wants to know more about them as he said he would ask them a couple of questions. One would be 'How did you become a MOA?' and the other is about the time between comebacks, 'The time between both the comebacks was really long, how did you endure it?'

Beomgyu wants to ask this on fansings | Twitter: @Yeonjunkogii

We are sure that MOA and Beomgyu will continue to have many interactions, questions, answers, adventures and more in the history of TXT.

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