Beomgyu from TXT Beomgyu from TXT

TXT's Beomgyu opens about the hardships of being a K-Pop star

TXT is a global sensation. The young Idols are famous because of their music. What is the pressure of being under the public light? This is what Beomgyu thinks about it.

When BIG HIT announced that it was working on the debut of a new boy group the whole world was looking forward to it. Tomorrow x Together was the second K-Pop group under this label following BTS

Since its debut in 2019, the group has conquered the hearts of a lot of people with its extraordinary talent. Nowadays, TXT is one of the best selling boy groups of its generation.

The mini album "Minisode 2: Thursday's Child" sold more than 1 million copies in less than two days. As it was expected it got into the global charts with great marks.

TXT members / By @txtgalaxy_

We are sure it is not easy to deal with all this massive success. Beomgyu has shared his honest thoughts about fame.

TXT's Beomgyu talks about the opposite points of being famous

On May 17 it was revealed an interview of the Weverse Magazine with the TXT. Beomgyu was asked about a previous statement he said on live broadcasting. Back then the Idol explained that his life wasn't glamorous an it was more like the song "Wonder".

Beomgyu from TXT / By @txtgalaxy_

The singer answered that he wanted to show MOA the side they don't see that much. Now he is confident showing his more realistic side even sharing his difficulties. Beomgyu added:

When you are famous, people only see the glamor, but since there is a bright side, I think there's a definite dark side too. So I wanted to show them how horn out I get in my personal life as well.

His current mindset was inspired by the "Someone Like You" cover made by V from BTS. In this video the camera follows the protagonist and it seems like the viewer is walking next to the Idol. Beomgyu made his cover of "Wonder" with the same intention.

MOA, do you want to walk next to the most realistic side of Beomgyu?

Did you know that MOA is the 'daughter in law' of Inkigako? Read this article to know more about it.

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