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TXT tour 'ACT: LOVE SICK' is sold out in the United States, new dates are coming

Tomorrow x Together will be holding various concerts in the United States with the tour "ACT : LOVE SICK". It got sold out in just a few hours. Here is all the information for the new dates.

A few days ago TXT came back to the scene with the release of the album "MInisode 2 : Thursday's Child". As it was expected the group reached amazing marks on the global charts.

Have you already listened to the album? Not just the title single "Good Boy Gone Bad" is great every track is pretty good. For sure you will love to listen to Tomorrow x Together music live, right?

TXT for 'Good Boy Gone Bad' / By @beommiy

The group will be performing in the United States with the world tour "ACT : LOVE SICK". It will begin in July but it is a complete success as soon as the selling was open. Don't worry, HYBE is announcing new dates. We are telling you everything.

"ACT: LOVE SICK" is already sold out in the United States

TXT will start its first world tour on July 2th in seoul. Eventually, "ACT: LOVE SICK" will be arriving in Chicago on July 7th and will continue with concerts in another 6 cities. On May 20 the sale was open and the tickets for the shows were sold out in just a few hours.

According to the fans the ticket sale was insane. Tons of people were waiting to get a ticket so it was a rough event. TXT popularity is not a joke. 

BIG HIT announces new date for TXT's tour

In response, on the same day BIG HIT dropped a message on Weverse. TXT added a concert in Los Angeles. It will be held on July 24 at the Microsoft Theater.

TXT new date concert / By @jjuniesoo

If you want to attend you need to be ready. The ticket sale will be open on May 23 at 4 PM (LA time). Will you be looking for your tickets?

Meanwhile, take this test to know what song of the album "MInisode 2 : Thursday's Child" fits the best with your personal taste.

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