Get ready for TXT's comeback show with Thursday's Child Get ready for TXT's comeback show with Thursday's Child

TXT thrills MOA with a new teaser for Thursday's Child comeback show

TXT is ready for their comeback with 'Thursday's Child' which will have an amazing show and this new teaser makes fans excited to wacth it

After the long wait, TXT is ready to release new music and 'Thursday's Child' will bring big surprises for MOA, including a comeback show that no one wants to miss.

TXT has a lot of fans who support, love and admire each of their members. This young K-Pop group has gained great relevance in the musical genre thanks to the great talent of the idols that make it up. His songs and presentations ended up conquering the public.

With each new comeback, we can see how much more Tomorrow X Together grows and their fandom, MOA, fills with more and more people who don't hesitate to show all their love and support for the boy band. Be it Korean or Japanese releases, this idol group is imminently successful with their different songs and they take the stage in their own unique way.

This is why MOA is extremely excited for 'Thursday's Child', TXT's upcoming Korean album that will feature new music for fans. The idol group has been generating great anticipation for this upcoming release in the various teasers that have also created theories in the large fandom of the group.

And this time there is something more exciting for MOA, as Tomorrow X Together has already announced their comeback show, so follow all the details to see the idols shine with 'Thursday's Child'.

TXT promises big surprises for MOA in Thursday's Child comeback show teaser

Mnet released a new teaser that leads us into more details about TXT's comeback show for 'Thursday's Child'. And it is that although at first it shows us that we will see the evolution of Tomorrow X Together in this comeback, later it becomes a fun show where we will see the idols as funny as ever.

 We can't wait to see this comeback show that will have many surprises for MOA, TXT has prepared something great for this new release that we already want to hear.

When will TXT's Thursday's Child comeback show be?

TXT's comeback show for Thursday's Child will be held on May 9 at 8 PM KST. The idol group's album will be released on the same day just a couple of hours earlier, at 6 PM KST. So we are days away from hearing TXT's new music and seeing them on stage once again.

TXT's comeback will be very soon | Twitter: @heeseungcokr

So all that remains is to wait to be able to discover the great new music that the TXT idols have prepared for all their fans. It will surely be full of great surprises and the best songs.

TXT is a group from HYBE and do you know which is another HYBE's group? LE SSERAFIM, a girl group that made a brillian debut, did you miss it? 

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