TXT members for 'MINISODE 2' TXT members for 'MINISODE 2'

TXT reveals beautiful new photos for ‘Minisode 2 : Thursday’s Child

Tomorrow by Together will be releasing the new album "MINISODE 2 : THURSDAY'S CHILD". The concept photos for the comeback make MOA crazy.

Justa a few days ago HYBE announced that Tomorrow x Together will be back with a new album. Since then the label has been revealing a lot of information, pictures and videos to excite the public.

"MINISODE 2 : THURSDAY'S CHILD" will be released on May 9. Recently the group changed their logo for this new era. Because of the colors and the aspect, the fans are thinking this could be a pop-rock album.

However the latest concept photos for the comeback are turning 180 degrees the concept and MOA is loving it. Check those pictures here.

TXT members for 'minisode 2: Thursday's Child' / By @TXTUNOFFlClAL

TXT reveals the "END" concept photos

On April 24 the BIG HIT official Twitter account revealed some concept photos for Tomorrow x Together comeback. According to the promotional schedule the label is dropping new concept pictures in three phases: MESS, END and HATE.

The END concept photos are making the fanatic crazy. We can see the members wearing white and holding roses. We can notice tears in the eyes of the guys. The fans are praising the beauty of these pictures.


This is concept is really different to the previous one: MESS. On April 23 HYBE official Youtube channel dropped a concept clip for Minisode 2: Thursday's Child album. In the video the members are wearing black jackets and posing in a desolating alley.

Those opposite concepts are confusing the fanatic, and at the same time the public is loving it. We are wondering what kind of concept we'll see for HATE.

Which concept do you like the most? The members look amazing in both.

Take this test to see how much you know about TXT, you need to be ready for the comeback.

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