TXT members all are together once again TXT members all are together once again

TXT members welcome Huening Kai after his quarantine was completed

TXT boys are back together again after Huening Kai recovered from COVID-19 and was warmly welcomed by his fellow group members

After a time of being apart, the members of TXT got back together after Huening Kai ended his quarantine, the hyung's maknae warmly welcomed him.

As in any K-Pop group, close and strong ties have been formed within TXT. These artists have shared time and experiences even before they debuted while they were BigHit Entertainment trainees. Now, they live together while working on their music and performances.

This is why we can notice the great affection that the members of Tomorrow X Together have for each other, the idols of this group simply have amazing friendships. Although they had to separate for a while since several of them became ill with COVID-19 and had to recover isolated from their groupmates to avoid contagion.

MOA loves to see the cutest interactions between TXT idols, but the fandom was also worried about the group's maknae, as he was recovering from illness these days. And the fans hoped that soon she could be well and return to the other members of the idol group.

And that day finally arrived, Huening Kai returned to the dorm with his other Tomorrow X Together colleagues who welcomed him and even recorded it for MOA.

Huening Kai returns to TXT's dorm and this is how his groupmates welcome him

Through their official Twitter account, the members of TXT shared a video about Huening Kai's arrival in his bedroom after being quarantined. The idols welcomed him as he nervously tried to remember his door password. It was Taehyun who best opened the door to his maknae.

 This is how the other guys were already waiting for Huening, and they were able to record a video of the great welcome they gave him, don't ever separate our TXT anymore!

Huening Kai was unable to be with TXT at this performance, but supported them from home

TXT performed on 'On The K: Live Stage', but without Huening Kai as he was still recovering. But this did not stop him from showing his support for his bandmates from home and he posted on Weverse a picture of him watching the show.

Huening Kai on Weverse | Twitter: @translatingTXT

But it's good to know that the TXT idols are together again and they won't be apart anymore, we hope everyone stays healthy and MOA is more than happy to see them reunited.

Keep reading more about TXT and its members, we tell you here when are the idols' birthdays, celebrate with them on this special days. 

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