TXT's group chat secrets TXT's group chat secrets

TXT members reveal the secrets behind their group chat

How do the members of TXT get along? Their group chat could reveal more for MOA

Apart from being co-workers, the TXT members are also good friends, right? Well, their group chat will tell us more about their relationship that we don't see in front of the cameras.

TXT is a young K-Pop group that has managed to conquer a large part of the public. The members of this group are full of talents and they also prove to be very good with each of their skills as singers and dancers in each song and performance.

Although each Tomorrow X Together idol is different, their personalities, charismas, and talents have blended perfectly after spending time together as BigHit trainees and later debuting as a group. Perhaps their ties and bonds have become stronger and closer.

On stage you can see the great chemistry and synchronization of the members of TXT, but there is much that we can discover about them even when they are not working. They still share a bedroom and spend much of the day together either in the studio or practice rooms or at home.

Do you want to know more about the relationship of the members of TXT? They revealed the secrets of their group chat that let us see how they get along and some more details.

This is the TXT group chat, the idols revealed their secrets

TXT participated in a new interview in which they revealed a bit about their group chat, this could tell us a bit more about the idols and their personalities. When asked about the name of their group chat, Beomgyu said that he named it 'Team 1'.

Beomgyu's group chat name | Twitter: @Cosmopolitan

And Taehyun said that he named it as 'together again, tomorrow'.

Taehyun's group chat | Twitter: @Cosmopolitan

Yeonjun confessed that he named the group chat as '+x+'.

Yeonjun's name for TXT's group chat | Twitter: @Cosmopolitan

Taehyun decided to guess how Soobin had called the group chat and said that it probably just had the members' names with 'TXT' at the beginning of each, LOL.

Taehyun guessed Soobin's group chat name | Twitter: @Cosmopolitan

Last but not least, Huening Kai said that he named the group chat just like Group chat', LOL.

Huening Kai put this name on the group chat | Twitter: @Cosmopolitan

TXT also revealed who is the most talkative in the group chat

Everyone agreed that Taehyun is the most talkative TXT idol in his group chat, which had no competition, LOL. The aforementioned said that sometimes when they went to awards, he recorded videos of other groups and that he also shared them there, but he is the source of information for his groupmates.

Taehyun uses to text the most in TXT's group chat | Twitter: @Cosmopolitan

Now you know a lot more about TXT's group chat, this was the secret behind their great chat and how they named it. Also who is the one who texts the most.

Keep reading more about TXT, the group is going oto have a comeback soon, how will it be like? Don't miss out every detail about it. 

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