TXT for 'God Boy Gone Bad' TXT for 'God Boy Gone Bad'

TXT is getting wild in new teaser for 'Good Boy Gone Bad'

TXT comeback day is almost here! The group is giving us a preview of what "Good Boy Gone Bad" will be. Let's check the new teaser.

Are you ready for the new TXT album? "Minisode 2 : Thursday's Child" will be released on May 9th. In just a few hours the K-Pop group will be back in the scenarios with the title single "Good Boy Gone Bad".

At the moment, we have already listened to small fragments of the tracks in this project. According to the video and photos concepts that BIG HIT has revealed this time  the members of Tomorrow x Together will be showing their more fierce side.

MOA is really excited to see the guys singing to this pop-rock track. The waiting is almost over, meanwhile let's check the latest teaser. The group looks amazing!

TXT for 'Good Boy Gone Bad' / By @childgyu

TXT is dancing in the middle of a cemetery in the upcoming "Good Boy Gone Bad" music video

On May 7th the official Youtube channel of HYBE dropped a new teaser for the TXT title single "Good Boy Gone Bad". In the clip we can see the members in the scenarios for the individual teasers. 

We see the group throwing flowers to a grave. Immediately we can hear a powerful voice singing the title of the song. Then the members appear at acementary to dance. Beomgyu finishes the teaser with some letal whisper words. Check here the full video.

TXT individual teasers: Hueningkai, Taehyun and Beomgyu

Previously we saw the individual teaser for each member. Hueningkai looked amazing with a head to toe black outfit standing in a desolated but colorful street.

TXT individual teasers / By @txtgalaxy_

Meanwhile Taehyun is looking at the camera like he has no fears at all. Finally Beomgyu is gonna rob your heart with his beautiful voice.

The song seems to be really powerful, for sure it will be a hit. Are you excited for "Good Boy Gone Bad"?

Have you already checked the Soobin and Yeonjun teasers? Read this article to know more about it.

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