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TXT gets the million seller title with the unreleased album 'Minisode 2: Thursday's Child'

TXT's new album 'Minisode 2 : Thursday's Child' is not available yet but it's already breaking records. The boy group will be taking the million seller title in the next few days.

TXT popularity is not a joke. Despite the short career of the boy group under BIG HIT, it is getting amazing marks just like the senior Korean artists.

A few days ago, it was revealed that the group will be on a world tour for the first time. Tomorrow by Together will be playing concerts in Korea and various cities of the United States. 

The group will be releasing new music next week. At the moment we know that "Minisode 2 : Thursday’s Child" could be a rock-pop album, at least that's what the fans think because of the concept photos and videos.

TXT members for 'Hate' / By @BIGHIT_MUSIC

On April 27 HYBE dropped the latest concept video "HATE". We can see the members wearing head to toe back lather outfits. MOA is getting crazy with this fierce side of the members. We all can notice the high expectation just looking at the pre-order number. The guys are getting an amazing achievement.

 TXT is breaking their own record of presale albums

On April 30 the albums distributor YG PLUS revealed the official numbers for the pre-sale ok "Minisode 2 : Thursday’s Child". According to the report the upcoming album of TXT have already sold 1 447 000 copies.

The previous album of the group "The Chaos Chapter: Freeze" sold almost 700 k copies in pre-orders. This time TXT is double the amount and breaking their own record. In conclusion the group will finally get the million selling album title.


Their new music will be available on May 9th. We can’t wait to listen to this anticipated album.

Congratulations for TXT! MOA are you happy for the members?

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